Thank you!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for an incredible week of nourishing, connecting, planning, planting and celebrating. It was an honour to co-create this event with all of you. Thank you so much for all the ideas, inspiration, excitement, solutions and shared stories living solidarity, building resilience and fostering hope!

In community,
GEN-Europe & Ƅngsbacka

ā€œA more beautiful world

our hearts know is possibleā€

ā€“Charles Eisenstein

We would love to hear your feedback!

What went well? What can we improve? What do you want to see in Estonia in 2018? We want to hear from you and invite you to fill in the survey online. This will help us to create an even more successful conference for next year. Thank you for your support!

Link to the survey

Image gallery & conference song

See more photos from the Conference

Do you have pictures to share from the conference? Follow this link to upload them and see what others have uploaded.

Thank you for singing together for solidarity and hope. Follow this link for a recording of the conference song.

Call for more conscious travel

Thank you to all conference participants who chose to travel as sustainably as possible! ThatĀ“s great! And still our choices have quite an impact. EarthDeeds not only gives us the opportunity to onset for our travel to the conference but also provides a helpful tool for future travel planning: Ā By entering different possibilities (eg. one flight with connecting trains or busses versus 2 connecting flights) you can easily see what massive difference it makes and then make a conscious decision based on that.

Please use this link to measure and understand your travel emissions.

Become a friend of GEN

Over these days, you've tasted radical grassroot solutions that are presenting living alternatives to the old story. Together, we are doing so much with few resources. With humility, we are now reaching out to our networks to support GEN to flourish.

Together we can create abundance for GEN. If you feel capable and comfortable to support us, we invite you to become a Friend of GEN and gift a monthly donation to enable us to become financially independent from traditional funders and continue to support ecovillages worldwide to catalyze a regenerative future.

Thank you for the butterfly

The Human Butterfly is an invitation to all conscious collectives to co-create hundreds of unique butterflies to show the world what we are doing, living and co-creating. Together we can catalyze a butterfly effect for a cultural metamorphosis. To upload your own and connect with many others, have a look at the Facebook page. Let's create even more butterflies!

Simpler IT systems in communities

If you have read so far, you are anĀ ecovillager full of energy, congratulation! Let us mention one more thing: a survey about IT.

Ecovillages speak different IT languages and it makes it harder to help each other, exchange files or volunteers.

So here is a short survey about IT systems in your community, please take 3 minutes to forward it to the right person and fill it in. Thank you so much!

Upcoming events & opportunities to come together

No More War Festival
Upcoming events for the GEN family are the No More War festival 17-20 August at Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage in Sweden. We want to make a statement with this festival that war isĀ  is an unacceptable regression for humanity in 2017.Ā 

European Day of Sustainable Communities
On 22 September GEN will join our ECOLISE colleagues with and at the event partner, the European Economic and Social Committee, located in the heart of EU quarters of Brussels to launch the first ever European Day of Sustainable Communities. The day itself actually takes place all over Europe (and hopefully in your community as well!) on 23 September. Enroll your event on the map today!

Green Phoenix
From 18-22 October, the GEN think tank Green Phoenix gathers in Center for Unity Schweibenalp, Switzerland.

From 6-17 November GEN together with ECOLISE will be present at the COP23 climate summit in Bonn, Germany.

Please contact GEN for more information and if you want to get involved in any of these events and opportunities!

EVS opportunities in ecovillages

We welcome motivated young European citizens aged between 18 and 30, to come live in and work with different European communities for up to a year. Current possibilities include Angsbacka, Arterra and Torri Superiore. Your travel and living costs will be entirely covered, and you will receive pocket money.

Would your community like to welcome young European volunteers? Please go here for more information and let us know once your accredited so we can add you to the list of EVS opportunities in ecovillages.


Ƅngsbacka EDE 2018

Ƅngsbacka welcomes you to the first Ecovillage Design Education in Sweden in 2018.

Intensive training for resilience, beauty and wellbeing 8 February ā€“ 11 March 2018. You will find all information here.

Please help us spread the word by distributing the flyer!

The 2017 conference in the media

SVT, Interview with Robert Hall in Swedish Television
Article on Helena Norberg-Hodge and Ecovillages in The Guardian
Article "For a sustainable future" - NWT
Article with Carl Schlyter, Helena Norberg-Hodge and Charles Eisenstein, VF
Article with Katie Kukolj, Robert Hall and Ewa Jacobsson, Karlstads Tidning
Article with Robert Hall about the conference, Landets Fria

Ƅngsbacka KursgĆ„rd

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