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Letting you know that two of my titles are free right now on Amazon.

The Light through the Water, and a Sci-Fi thriller called, Walter.

Both of these are quick reads and I am sure you'll like them. 

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I died when I was 8 years old. I drowned...
If my father hadn't pulled me out of the water I would have stayed dead. Just before I blacked out, I saw the most beautiful light coming through the water. A light so bright and full of love it made me forget about death. Years went by and I forgot about the light. Things changed, I got older. People I loved saw their own light. And I eventually saw mine again. This is the story of my light.
The Light Through the Water

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Walter is an odd boy. To say he is not like the other kids is an understatement. Being odd doesn't win you many friends, nor does it give you anonymity. Kids can be mean... Walter doesn't care what the other kids do or say to him, because he knows a horrible secret. Walter knows when the world is going to end.
Walter meets a man who knows the future and he tells him about the apocalyptic events that are about to consume the earth via Walter's TV. Walter and his mother's only chance of survival is to follow The Man's instructions perfectly. If they do not, they will perish with the rest of the population.
The apocalypse is coming, and the only people that can save the human race is a young boy and a mysterious man from the stars.

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