Let's get up and get moving today with these active family fun ideas!

Creative Fun for the Entire Family!

Let's get up and get moving today with these active family fun ideas! Physical activity is an important part of the day, and even if you're not in the mood for an actual exercise "workout," you'll feel a whole lot better after moving your body for awhile (hello, endorphins!)! 

Even if the weather is poor where you're at, there are still LOTS of fun activities that you can do indoors to get your body moving and your heart pumping! 

Fun for All Ages!

  • For active games, GoNoodle is #1! GoNoodle offers 100's of free movement and mindfulness videos for kids that are a TON of silly fun! Videos are available via their website or the GoNoodle app. (We had a blast with Banana Banana Meatball yesterday!)

Toddlers & Preschoolers:

Elementary Kids:

  • Charades is another fun classic that's sure to get everyone up and moving! We're giving you guys early access to our brand-new printable Charades Game for Kids before anyone else! 
  • There are some great "Indoor Recess" Games for kids here, too! 

Tweens & Teens:


Yoga is excellent for both your mind and your body, and it can easily be done at home with little to no equipment. You can find tons of fantastic yoga workouts on YouTube - one of my favorites is Yoga with Adriene who has hundreds of videos for all levels. She also has a great Meditation for Anxiety that is great for beginners! 

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