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I'm working with the world's largest company!

Last year, Walmart became the first company to break the half-trillion-dollar revenue barrier. I'm super excited to be working with the Walmart team on one the biggest issues they're currently focused on: reducing in-store costs while maintaining an exceptional customer experience. So far, I've learned a ton about business operations and the ins and outs of managing growth at a massive scale - more to come in the next update! Huge shoutout to Fareena and Mike from Walmart Canada for making the collaboration possible!

I spoke at RBC FutureMakers!

I'm really grateful for the invitation to speak at RBC last week - it was an awesome opportunity to start a conversation about the implications of hybrid algorithms and why quantum computing is coming sooner than most people think. Shoutout to Sarah, John, and the RBC team for the awesome event! Subscribe to my Youtube channel where I'll post my talk soon!

I volunteered at TMLS! 🤖

The Toronto ML Summit has grown incredibly over the past year and I was super excited to be involved in the event once again. On top of its crazy growth trajectory, the event is really exciting because it represents the progress Toronto has made in building a machine learning hub here in Canada. Big thanks to Dave, April, and the rest of the TMLS squad for an awesome 3 days!

My talk from Elevate Tech Fest is out. Check it out here!

Ideathon & Designathon with the TribalScale Team

TribalScale hosted an awesome ideation + design challenge a few weeks ago focused on some of their Venture Studios' key verticals, including media, transportation, and enterprise product. A few TKS innovators and I were super excited to have been invited to be a part of the challenge, and a few of us even won. Congrats to Jaden, Mayank, Silen, and Luke on second place! Huge thanks to the TribalScale team for having us - it was an awesome learning experience!

What's next?

I'm finishing up up high school in a few weeks and I can't wait until I start having the time to work on more projects! On top of my personal website and profile, I'm setting up a system to optimize my personal growth so that I can be more results-oriented going forward. I'm also putting together an application for the Thiel Fellowship and would love to hear from you if you have any tips! Feel free to reach out by replying to this email, and stay tuned for next month!

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