Do you know how to schedule a video shoot or when to plan for event AV? We have the answers.
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January 2020
What are your plans this year?
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Hi . After a busy fall and a welcome break in December, the start of a new year is a good time to review project schedules and timelines. That's certainly what we're thinking about. Below you'll find two articles outlining best practices for producing your videos and planning audiovisual for your event.

Speaking of projects for the year, we're launching monthly newsletters. We'll share advice, updates, and topics of interest to our clients and partners. We hope you'll enjoy it and find it helpful.

Please contact us anytime; we look forward to chatting about your events and projects.

Are your projects on schedule?

There's an adage that you can have it good, fast or cheap: just pick two. With planning, we believe you can have it great, on time, and high value. 

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Event Production
Discussing AV early benefits your budget.

There are many reasons why you should include audiovisual in your early event planning discussions, including your budget and guest experience.


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Media Production
Allow 8 weeks to produce your video.

While it's possible to produce a video quickly, the best schedule for professional media production allows eight weeks to plan, shoot, and edit a video.


Client Spotlight

We have the honor of working with great clients. Each month, we'll highlight two clients and their recent projects.

State of Reform

State of Reform strives to bridge the gap between the worlds of health care and health policy through independent reporting and analysis and by hosting some of the largest non-partisan, policy-agnostic conferences across the western U.S.

The AV Department recently provided audiovisual services for the 2020 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference.

TAKE A LOOK: State of Reform Client Spotlight

JVC Northwest

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest responds to local community needs in the Pacific Northwest by placing volunteers who provide value-centered service grounded in the Jesuit Catholic tradition.

The AV Department recently worked with JVC Northwest to produce "Step into the Story", a volunteer recruitment video filmed in numerous locations across Washington state.

TAKE A LOOK: JVC Northwest Client Spotlight

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