22 writing prompts to jumpstart your 2022 comms plan


Happy New Year - eleven days in! If you’re like me, easing into the new year with cautious optimism seems to feel right. I’m excited to take action on fresh projects and new ideas but, for this year, I’m channeling tortoise, not hare.

Slow and steady is fine by me, if it means maintaining consistent forward-moving energy all year long. And if it means making measurable progress toward my goals.

I hope you’re looking forward to a year of great strides at a sustainable pace. And a super-sized portion of growth, hold the cray.

So, as a small gift to you during this auspicious time, I’m sending along a resource that will help make your communication efforts more manageable in 2022. It’s a list of 22 writing prompts that you can use to set up and create a consistent, engaging, and strategic communications plan for the entire year. Freeing you up to focus on other critical plans - or simply hold down the fort like a champ.

If you’ve made resolutions, I’m rooting for you. If you’ve adopted a theme for this year, I wish you the best in living it. If you’re simply taking things as they come, you’ve got my support there, too. Bottom line, try to enjoy the next 354 days, no matter what they bring. And I promise I will, too.

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