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  4. Discipline Without Stress Tip
  5. Living Without Stress Tips
  6. Discipline Online
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1. Quote of the Month

2. Stress Management Video

"Stress and Driving"

Driving a car is probably one of life’s biggest stress inducing activities... but it doesn't have to be. Watch this stress reducing tip!

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3. Parenting Without Stress

To reduce your stress and improve relations with young people, always consider giving options or choices. The choices can be limited, but the sooner a young person starts to make choices the more responsible that person becomes.

Offering options is an easy strategy to encourage decision-making. For example, simply asking a child, "Would you prefer to wear your brown pants or your blue ones?" or "Would you like to eat your carrots or peas first?" structures options and promotes decision-making.

If a youngster will not do chores or fulfill responsibilities, add choices rather than use a coercive approach such as threatening to take away something the young person enjoys. For example, offer five options and have the youngster choose two from among them. The child will then own the decision, and people do not generally argue with their own decisions.

A person always has the power to choose a response. Recognize that when you think you have no choice as to your response, you are allowing the situation to control you. Teaching young people choice-response thinking—that they have the power to choose responses—may be one of the most valuable thinking patterns they can develop.

Realizing young people have control of their choices reduces victimhood thinking. Do not accept victim-type thinking because it is counterproductive to fostering responsibility. Examples are: “He made me do it.” “I couldn’t control myself.” “I had no other choice.” People always have choices regarding their responses.

4. Discipline Without Stress

I recently received the following inquiry from Tugba Akbey inan (from Turkey):

I have read, “Discipline without Stress, Punishments or Rewards," three times and really found it very enjoyable and informative. I read its Turkish translation. 

As a trainer, I would like to explain and put it into practice your ideas with parents and educators in Turkey. 

What would be your suggestions to me in this regard?

Thanks for your help and encouragement in advance.

—Tugba Akbey inan, Turkey

Since you have a good command of both English and Turkish, I suggest you link to

You can take as many of the 54 short videos you want to use and show them. You can stop any time during a video and interpret the contents into Turkish.

Last month, a principal in Canada had used Discipline Without Stress in his former two schools. He was transferred to a new school and wanted to give his new staff in-service as soon as he arrived. He purchased for $148.85 U.S. Dollars and showed the videos. He told me that he was very pleased with the results.

Another approach is obtain a discount of the books from the Turkish publisher and sell them to interested purchasers.

Thanks, Tugba, for spreading the idea of using authority without coercion for improved relationships and for promoting responsible behavior.

5. Living Without Stress

Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey

This book is a probing examination of how to assess and dispense with the stresses of life.

In this comparatively short, accessible volume, Marshall takes aim at an omnipresent element of modern existence: stress. Innumerable studies have linked stress to a wide array of health problems, from heart disease to ulcers to depression, and Marshall offers advice based on the idea that stress is largely a person’s own creation.

“Creating good habits takes time, patience and resolve, and you will inevitably encounter setbacks along the way,” Marshall writes. “But the key is to never give up—and in a few short months, you may find yourself on the road to the way of life you truly desire.”

As the book unfolds its road map, it emphasizes three areas. The first are unrealistic or unhelpful assumptions that readers make, which can escalate stress levels. The second are physical aspects that are often key to managing stress—poor posture, poor eating and sleeping habits, lack of exercise, and so on. The third is the motivation of oneself and others.

Again and again, the author reiterates that people need not grant circumstances the power to dictate responses—a very useful reminder. As in his other books, Marshall presents his precepts in clear, ringing prose that’s intent on encouraging rather than scolding.

Some of these precepts—such as that one should never give up or that one is the captain of one’s own ship—are on the platitudinous side, but they’re no less valuable for that. Throughout his discussions, Marshall focuses on personal responsibility—the choices that one makes to control one’s personal finances, one’s exercise routines, and the way that one frames how one interacts with the world: “There is a problem when we think our responses are automatically controlled by external stimuli.”

Live WITHOUT STRESS contains a wide-ranging and convincingly sympathetic approach to understanding and dealing with all kinds of stress.

November 16, 2017

6. Discipline Online

Discipline Online reduces the "sink or swim" approach to teaching. Education is still the only profession that does NOT teach the most essential skill for success, namely, walking into a classroom for the first time as a new teacher and having a system to handle every behavior or discipline problem. Learn how at an incredibly low investment at Discipline online.

7. Charity for U.S. Schools

Any U.S. pre K-12 grade school can receive materials at no charge. Visit Discipline without Stress. Inc.

8. Speaking and Presenting

Need a speaker for a corporate, education, or parent event? Check out the Marvin Marshall's speaking site.

Topics include:

  • How to Use Authority Without Coercion
  • How to Live Without Stress
  • How to Parent Without Stress
  • How to Discipline Without Stress.

9. What People Say

"You might be interested to know our music teacher read your book and taught the hierarchies to the entire building of kids—650 of them. He said this has been his best year ever with classroom management.

The questions used to help kids reflect as well as for soliciting their response have been really big for him. You can imagine having taught the hierarchy and how common that makes the language! I'm so very happy about this!"

—Lisa Lederach, Principal, Goshen, Indiana

10. Investment for Schools

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