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October 2018 Update

We're Back!

This newsletter has been on hiatus for just about a year now. And as I mentioned in the previous issue, it was at least partly the result of "my current Jupiter-transiting-the-1st-house 'Year of Overcommitment'."

Well, right on schedule as Jupiter leaves the 1st house after its year-long transit, things settle down at least a little bit, and much of the activity and overcommitment die down.

The over-activity was caused primarily by a major change in my personal life, as my wife and I moved from the U.S. to Italy! If you're interested in that side of things, you can read about some of our adventures on our blogs, Endless Journey Travel and The Further Adventures of Capt. Eddie. We've now been here since July, and things are (a bit) settling down -- which allows more time to devote to the various websites and other projects.

Which brings us to MyAstrology.net, where I am revamping some old services and adding some new ones. Read on to learn about the most important changes up to this point. And know that I have a lot more plans for services to add in the future.

As always, I thank you for your continued support over the years.


--- Ed


Ed Perrone

Now Available: Personal Chart Interpretations

MyAstrology.net now offers personal astrological services: Chart interpretations personally written for you by Ed Perrone

For a number of years now, I've focused my energies in astrology on various types of online activities, building websites, and similar projects, rather than on personal consulting in a private practice. Now, however, I am "coming out of retirement," so to speak, and once again offering individual consultations -- this time, exclusively to visitors to MyAstrology.net.

I am best as a writer, so these interpretations are going to be written. However, clients will have the opportunity to ask questions, etc., and get focus on specific areas of interest. Much of my previous practice was written (in the days before the Internet, when we relied on the Postal Service!), so I have good experience here, and it works well. Moreover, it avoids all of the logistical hassles of scheduling appointment times across multiple time zones and so forth.

For now, I will be offering three types of interpretations: a natal chart interpretation, a six-month transit forecast, and a 12-month transit forecast. You can get more details about them at the website. If there turns out to be demand for other types of interpretations, I will look into adding them as well.

All of these interpretations will be custom written by me for the client -- exactly the same as if we sat down for a face-to-face consultation. Nothing is pre-written or otherwise pieced together. The client will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and ask specific questions, both before and after I write the interpretation.

If you are interested in getting my personal take (50 years of experience!) on the astrological factors at play in your life, please take a look at the "Personal Services" page at MyAstrology.net, where you can read more about the various interpretations and also place your order.

Learn Astrology Online

While I have your attention, I'd like to provide a brief and unsolicited plug for a project that I've been involved with for just about 25 years now: the International Academy of Astrology (IAA).

The evolution of IAA from the mid-1990s' world of pre-Internet private online services to today becoming the unparalleled leader of online astrological education is a long story. I was there at the beginning, I am still there today, and I can tell you that IAA founder Ena Stanley has done an unbelievable job of growing from a single online astrology class to an online educational juggernaut.

In recognition of these accomplishments, and the value of IAA in today's astrological community, Ena was awarded 2012 Marion D. March Regulus Award for Education.

IAA today offers elementary classes for astrological beginners; a comprehensive diploma program leading to professional certification recognized by several international organizations; a complete Spanish-language educational program; and a wide variety of lectures, workshops, and short-term "pocket courses" on almost every astrological topic imaginable.

In short, no matter who you are, no matter what your level of astrological expertise, if you want to learn something interesting about astrology, you can find it at IAA.

You can check out their latest offerings at www.astrocollege.org.

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