October is Micronation Month at NomadMania!

Dive into the whimsical world of micronations this month with NomadMania! Uncover the intriguing tales of these self-proclaimed independent states, and join us in celebrating the quirkiest corners of our globe.

From playful principality declarations to islands of independence, micronations embody the human spirit of imagination and autonomy. Their histories, cultures, and colourful characters are a testament to mankind's ability to dream and redefine borders.

For a detailed dive, you can check out our comprehensive blog article, The Ultimate Guide to Micronations. It promises tales of resilience, hope, and sometimes sheer eccentricity that define these unique territories.

Webinar: Micronations

Ever been interested in chatting with royalty from an unknown land? Well, this might just be your chance.

We have an exciting and exclusive webinar lined up that promises to unveil the mystique of some of the world's quirkiest micronations. 



Webinar: A Spotlight on the Smallest Nations of the World

Take Our Micronations Survey

Micronations have always been intriguing, and this month, we want to gauge your thoughts on them. Have you ever been to one? What do you think about their existence? We've put together a series of questions that delve into these and more.


But we won't give it all away! Check out our poll and share your perspective on these unique entities.

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Ukraine Awaits Us Next Week!

The excitement is mounting as we approach our special event in Ukraine on October 20th.

But before that something important awaits...

Awards Voting: Celebrate and acknowledge excellence. If you're eligible, it's crucial you cast your vote. Let's honour those who've made a significant impact. Vote Here

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NomadMania in the Media (again)

The world of travel journalism has taken notice of our endeavors once again. We’re incredibly proud to announce our recent feature in Spain's highly-regarded newspaper, "EL PAÍS".

The feature focuses on Rubén Arnal, the first Valencian to visit all 193 UN-recognised countries.

From Cambodia, to Mozambique, Arnal’s tales demonstrate the passion and resilience of the global NomadMania traveller.

This recognition in such a prestigious platform is a testament to our community’s inspiring journeys. See all our media mentions on our press page.


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