Queen 1 and 2

Creator and Writer Jamie Me
Artist Bernard Gita
Colorist Sean Callahan
Lettering and Design Jamie Me

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Starting out slowly...

This is an interesting story so far, with a very slow pacing.

Queen is set in contemporary Britain, with a fictitious Prime Minister Daniel Camden who is dealing with a terrorist crisis coming from an internet-savvy group called NIDUS. A rival contender for the PM's spot, Robert Brand is going around drumming up support for a new election.

Meet Emily Green, the new Prime Minister?

Mixed up in all this is the Prime Minister's adjunct, Emily Green. She receives a mysterious package in the office mail, lumped together with her other things. Once home it begins to buzz, revealing a private cell phone, warning her of an upcoming expose-all to several key cabinet members (she's excluded from this of course). They want her cooperation. Do as they say, and she will end up being the new Prime Minister!

Emily Green is a what you'd expect from a normal high ranking political figure in Britain. She drives a new Jaguar. She has a medium-sized respectable home in an outlying London suburb. Her soon-to-be ex-husband pops by and doesn't stay long, as they get into a huge argument. They have a son, James, who's in his late teens and plays violent online zombie games. She's got an interesting quirk of hiding a pack of smokes in the kitchen aside the refrigerator.

Like British Television -in a good way.

Parts 1 and 2 definitely had a slow pacing to them, more in line with a British Political Intrigue TV show than a comic book -which is refreshing. You don't have to have all the pages filled with big explosions and machine guns. The fact that it's a high-stakes story (who will run the UK) lets me relax a bit and not worry about its slow pace.

I can tell that Jamie Me had this story brewing for some time in his imagination. I don't want to give it away that Daniel Camden, the present Prime Minister will be killed, but it's right there on page 1 of the first issue. Part 2 ended on Emily floating the idea of becoming Prime Minister if that happens, we'll see if that comes about next week!

Next Tuesday:


finishing out the story with parts 3 -4

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