Another corona-virus crisis

[Jeremy Eccles, Art Directory]

As the NT Government sensibly closes off access to remote Indigenous communities in response to the Coronavirus crisis, the foresightful academic, Jon Altman, working with Francis Markham of the ANU is concerned for the financial consequences as well as the health benefits.

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Overcoming biases to close the gap

[Anastasia Tsirtsakis, RACGP]

A lot of the practitioners [need to] self-reflect on their own biases – because we all have biases – and see how they could actually make their practice more culturally safe so our people can access them without being or without feeling discriminated against.

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Government must act now to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples

[supplied by Amnesty Australia]

One of the key areas where Amnesty has concerns is the increased risk to the health and safety of children who are on remand and are detained in adult watch houses.

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Greens will seek to amend stimulus package to ensure that everyone in the community is supported

[by Lucy Cowcher-Guthrie]

Students, disabled people, carers and older Australians who are renting are already more likely to be living in poverty or on a very low income and should have had their payments increased in the second stimulus package. 

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