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Why Center for Testing and Career Certification?

To choose CTCC or not to choose CTCC, that is the question. While some competitors may be able to offer similar services, only CTCC can provide the unique panther experience, rapport, and knowledge our Panthers have come to know. With years of expertise under CTCC’s belt since 1984, a strong rapport has been built with FIU’s students, faculty and staff.  

How does this benefit the Panther community? FIU students enjoy technologically advanced testing sites, a distraction-free environment and amicable, competent, nationally certified testing staff. In some cases, by the time students have made an appointment, CTCC has already received their exams. This allows for a shorter wait time to schedule and take their exam. In addition, exam related issues are usually resolved quickly, and most completed exams are returned to professors the same day if not immediately. FIU faculty have direct communication with CTCC staff related to all testing needs. Even faculty and staff have been known to take industry certification exams with us to demonstrate proficiency. 

With so many years of experience, CTCC has gained valuable insight into the South Florida community’s testing and industry certification needs. With this knowledge, CTCC has collaborated with various ACS partners including Career and Talent Development, Academic Advising Technology, the Center for Academic Success and others. CTCC has also collaborated with external partners such as Certiport, CollegeBoard, and the National Testing Network to equip the FIU community with certifications. Are you in the technology field? Then Microsoft Technology Associate credential exams may be for you. Interested in Business communications? Certiport has that too!  So, we ask again- To test with CTCC, or not to test with CTCC? Yes, that is the answer! 


In order for undergraduate education majors to have the ability to teach and graduate, they must go through a series of Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE). Students are required to pass the General Knowledge Exam (GKE), Professional Education Exam, and the Subject Area Examinations. Prior to this point, FIU students have had to venture outside of our testing facilities in order to take these tests. Testing in unknown locations can be intimidating, so the CTCC made it a priority to onboard these exams within the comfort of our territory. 

Teacher with class of students

We knew there was a growing desire for this exam, still it exceeded our expectations as spots filled up for the rest of the year and into the first quarter of 2021 nearly as soon as we announced the onboarding. On Wednesday, September 16th CTCC proctored its first set of FTCEs through its partnership with Pearson Vue and with the approval of the Florida Department of Education. With social distancing in mind, we have gotten off to a successful start as we have been able to accommodate several FTCEs on a weekly basis. Candidates are checking in with ease while following all CDC and FIU regulations. CTCC is excited for this long awaited, yet timely new chapter of student support.  

It Goes Beyond Us

Throughout this time of remote work, the Center for Testing and Career Certification has maintained its close (yet socially distanced) relationships with other institutions of higher education. With our membership to FACTA (Florida Association of College Testing Administrators) and affiliation with other institutions in the SUS (State University System), CTCC has taken part in various meetings discussing how to proceed amid the global pandemic. The focus has been on evolving testing center best practices that offer the safest and most secure means by which candidates may test.  

Some of these best practices include management of space and scheduling, and use of supplies such as plexi-glass, UV wands, masks, gloves and temperature scanners. The possible acquisition of remote proctoring vendors such as Proctorio and Examity were also broached. In separate conversations with our SUS counterparts, items specific to the university realm such as responses from the Florida Department of Education and Board of Governors, to the use of the PERT assessment were key areas addressed. These remote meetings continue to motivate and propel us towards new thoughts and ideas of what the testing industry’s future will come to look like. We envision a world where virtual space will be most sought after to administer the assessment needs of most, if not all students and candidates. CTCC intends to be prepared for such a time and is diligently working to be at the forefront of the virtual testing space. 

Save Money, Save Time


According to Senator Ron Johnson, on average, college students take six years to earn a four-year degree. This extended time delays students from getting into their desired careers. The longer that students spend in school completing their degree, the more money they are going to spend across their academic career.  

The average price a Florida resident pays to attend FIU is $205.57 per credit. That number increases if a non-resident to $618.87 per credit. Most undergraduate classes at FIU, including introductory courses require three credit hours. That means for a Florida resident, one class is approximately $616.71 and $1856.61 for a non-resident.  

The FIU CTCC helps students reduce the cost of attending college. FIU has partnered with multiple third-party vendors to create alternate opportunities for students to both save money and to graduate faster.  One such vendor is CollegeBoard which offers the CLEP Exam. The CLEP offers thirty-four different exams that cover introductory level courses. Due to prior learning from having taken advanced high school classes, many students are able to demonstrate proficiency and therefore earn valuable credits, by attempting one or more CLEP exams. The cost for taking a CLEP exam at FIU is $132 which is a fraction of what a student would have to pay for the course.  

Another requirement students need to fulfil is the FLENT/FLEX. Living in a city like Miami, many students grow up speaking more than one language in the home. They are fluent in other languages besides English but are still in need of completing two foreign language classes. This requirement, if not fulfilled in a timely manner, may hold students back from graduating. FIU has partnered with Bringham Young University (BYU) to provide the Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS) to fulfill this need. The total cost to take the FLATS at FIU is $103.50. This exam allows students to receive up to 13 credits which when calculated with the per-credit cost, can save students a lot of money. 

CTCC is dedicated to pursuing ways to allow students to take select exams that can assist them in saving money and graduating more quickly.  


2020 Testing Events

CTCC has participated in multiple events throughout the Summer and Fall 2020 semesters to help increase the visibility of the department and expose its vast exam menu to the FIU community. One such event was a conference held by Certiport, the leading provider of certification exam development, delivery and program management services. This was the first year that the Certified Conference was held virtually due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Vice President of Certiport, Craig Bushman opened the conference by encouraging attendees to use the pandemic ensued crisis as a foundation for creative change and stepping out of the norm. Bushman predicts that the knowledge industry is facing substantial changes, including increases in blended learning, online education as a strategic priority, and growth in online program management platforms. 

Now more than ever certifications are of great value. With this in mind, on June 3rd, CTCC hosted a presentation regarding Certiport certifications outlining some of the available exams such as Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe, Communication in Business Skills and many more. In the midst of the pandemic, CTCC expanded to proctoring these certification exams remotely so that candidates can take exams from the comfort of their home.  

At the commencement of the Fall semester, members of CTCC also participated in NCTA’s first virtual conference. Institutions across the nation logged in as several vendors such as CollegeBoard, Scantron, RegisterBlast shared updates and innovative solutions that better assist students with testing remotely and provided social-distanced means to aid testing sites with limited capacities. CTCC is committed to remaining current, innovative, knowledgeable of best practices, and aligned with institutional and national safety protocols. 

Bookmark This!

The ATI TEAS is now available for FIU students to take in the FIU CTCC. Please visit our website at to register and for any questions, email CTCC at or

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations/Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FTCE/FELE) is now being administered at the FIU CTCC. Please visit our website at for details regarding the exams and how to register.

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