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Hey friends, welcome to the all new Stream Report, a weekly newsletter from Gaming Careers covering important news and updates in gaming, streaming and content creation.

The past week has seen some surprising announcements in the streaming world: Twitch is continuing it's series of platform updates, PewDiePie signs an exclusive live-streaming contract and the much anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 has major spoilers leaked.

Twitch - Your Channel Page's New Look

Originally announced last year, Twitch is finally launching it's new look for streamer's Channel Pages. 

The update gives streamers some new tools to help showcase their content: Channel trailers, stream schedules, and places to share more detail about yourself to your community and new viewers. A revamped bio including social media links; keywords,links and more will help make your channel easier to find on Twitch and the internet as a whole. 

PewDiePie signs with YouTube

After a break at the beginning of 2020 and despite past controversies, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has signed an exclusive live-streaming deal with his main platform YouTube

Microprose returns to games

After a nearly 20 year absence, the developer of such classics as Civilisation and X-Com; Microprose has returned to the world of video games with 3 new titles planned.  

The Last of Us 2 Spoilers Leaked

Major story and gameplay details have been leaked for the upcoming, highly anticipated The Last of Us Part 2. No details yet as to who is responsible while investigations continue.

New $1200 Recommended PC Build

We talk to Pestily, the number one Escape From Tarkov streamer about how he grew from 10 viewers to now averaging 10,000 viewers per stream. We also discuss in great detail how Pestily utilised YouTube to accelerate his growth on Twitch, and how his community are well on their way to raising $1 million for charity in 2020.

New $1200 Recommended PC Build

I've recently been building a $1200 PC from my recommended PC builds. The build is now complete, benchmarking is done and now putting all the details together for the final video. Video will be uploaded this week so be sure to subscribe to know when it hits!

If you're looking to start streaming or upgrade your setup, these builds are regularly updated to keep up with modern prices and requirements to get you live, no matter your budget.

Thanks for reading! Have a good week,
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