Traditionally in January I ask readers to submit ideas for my future Muses and Polls. This year, I’m expanding the idea a bit and am inviting readers to give a shout out on any tango topic they'd like to bring up and discuss. For instance, it might be about:

  • something I’ve done or said in my Monthly Muse,
  • the way I or others run their festivals,
  • how tango instructors teach,
  • the music DJ's play,
  • attitudes and behavior of tango dancers, or
  • any other tango topic that’s been bugging you and you’d like to get off your chest. 

So have at it–just go to "Your Turn" and write your comments in the sections at the bottom of the page. 

BTW, wanna find lodging for ValenTango? Discount rooms at the DoubleTree had sold out, but I convinced management to add a few more. However, they will go fast. To book, go to DoubleTree Hotel and follow instructions. Other rooms can be found at Nearby Hotels, and for local private lodging, go to ValenTango Private Lodging. and/or Facebook ValenTango Event page and leave a message/comment.

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