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Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals

9AM - 2PM @ Martynas Mažvydas Library

Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals has proven to be the platform for meaningful connections charged for action. Its speakers – the new generation of global Lithuanian trend setters represented by Martynas Levickis, who has already educated the whole generation of classical music fans, Jonas Baziukas, who is turning the nutrition concept upside down, Jacob Laukaitis and Kotryna Kurt, who are just trendy. The Laureates and Nominees of all seasons, global and local over-achievers, as well as some decision-makers will put their heads together for interactive workshops on global scaling of university education, startups and talent attraction.

Ceremony of Global Lithuanian Awards

4PM - 6PM @ National Philharmonic Society

The Awards are meant to acknowledge and communicate to the public of Lithuania the achievements of global Lithuanians contributing to the global standing of the country.  For seventh year in a row, we will acknowledge their accomplishments in the areas of investment attraction, implementation of scientific innovations, building business relations and bringing best international practices to Lithuanian regions. Get acquainted with the Nominees.

As every year, Lithuanians Famous Globally are announced and elected by public vote. Choose your favourite global Lithuanian!

Traditional Xmas Networking Drinks

6PM - ~AM @ BarDAKAS

The day will be crowned by traditional networking – Xmas Drinks – which during six years of existence has challenged the size of all most spacious bars and the skills of all the fastest bartenders in Vilnius. This event is organised in growing cooperation with Lithuanian City of London Club| LCLCWorld Economic Forum Global Shapers Vilnius and OUT Lithuania.

Global Lithuanian Awards | Main Sponsor and Shared Values

Arvydas Žilinskas, Head Of Corporate Affairs at the main sponsor of GLA 2018 EUROAPOTHECA: "We are glad to contribute to this year's Global Lithuanian Awards. In line with Euroapotheca group strategy to expand globally and striving to become the leading pharmacy network in Northern Europe, we fully support Global Lithuanian Leaders' initiative to reward the remarkable talent, exceptional vision, and responsible ambition of Lithuanians and Lithuania-connected people who have been contributing to the prosperity and global standing of Lithuania."

As every year, Lithuanians Famous Globally  - creators in arts, science, and sports increasing the global awareness of exceptional talent of Lithuania - are elected by public vote. 

Choose your favourite global Lithuanian!

GLL News

Talent for Lithuania | 7th Season in Progress

The 7th season of “Talent for Lithuania” project introduced 60 junior and mid-level vacancies in the most innovative Lithuanian companies and received more than 200 applications from young Lithuanians studying or working abroad. The most wanted job offers seemed to be consultancy and finance positions. At the same time, we are happy to note that the number of applications from candidates with STEM background has significantly increased. Most applications came from Lithuanians studying in the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark. By the way, there is a chance to participate in the project as some job offers are still open – find out more.

LT Big Brother | Holiday Awards

This year mentorship programme LT Big Brother is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and as each December is organising a closing event – LT Big Brother Awards which will take place on December 28, 2018 and will acknowledge and reward Big Brothers / Sisters, Small Brothers / Sisters and partners who have contributed and supported LT Big Brother throughout the years. Each year, closing event gathers many members and supporters who come back home from various countries to meet and celebrate. Come and join us! For more details – follow LT Big Brother on FB!

GLL Business Advisors | Export Club on UAE

On November 28, representatives of 15 companies with interest in the Middle East markets came to meet GLL member from Dubai Ieva Naujalytė, founder and managing partner of Adverum Communications Company and member of the board at Lithuanian Business Association in Dubai. She shared her insights on the peculiarities of culture, politics and economic cooperation, factual information on corporate laws and taxation, as well as practical advise. The event was organised in cooperation with Enterprise Lithuania and lasted long into Q&A session.

Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad | Busy November

This November, Professionals in Riga founded GLL in Riga, Professionals in Stockholm organised traditional  Doing Business in Sweden on B2B Sales Process with Justinas Pagirys; LA professionals together with LWAC got to network with the film industry professionals; LCLC invited to contemplate on bright and shady sides of returning home and all the possibilities; professionals in Dubai organised the discussion on the UAE market. To crown it all, after many attempts, professionals in Berlin got together to decide on the club possibilities. 

GLL Members

The most important annual GLL event Global Lithuanian Awards and new GLL membership plans line up nicely. Managing partner at business law firm Triniti Linas Sabaliauskas has been a reliable partner in GLL endeavours – more than 4 years at mentorship program LT Big Brother and discussion club Lietuva³, 2 years at Global Lithuanian Awards!  We are happy to see him as a new GLL Patron. Just like GLL, Linas sees diaspora connection and engagement as a very important step towards country's development and improved global standing.

Founder and CEO at Strategic Staffing Solutions, Cynthia Pasky is the Laureate of the Global Lithuanian Awards of 2013. Since then, GLL is happy to have deep and rewarding connection with the true global Lithuanian eager to advise GLL on strategic issues, and local companies on the USA market and HR trends, and eager to support GLL in new initiatives. We are immensely grateful for her Patronage and belief in the GLL mission.


Washington DC Lithuanian Professionals' Club Fundraising Gala | December 8 | 6PM

You are cordially invited to attend the Washington DC Lithuanian Professionals Fundraising Gala Event for the benefit of Lithuanian Ambassador’s Future Leaders Fund. This Fund will support the next generation leaders of the Lithuanian-American community, aspiring to build a career in the U.S. governmental and non-governmental institutions after completing their studies. More information – HERE.

Global Lithuanian Leaders

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