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Ed Perrone

This Month's Planets: April-May, 2017

by Ed Perrone

The Sun enters the tropical sign of Taurus on April 19th at 9:27pm GMT. This transit brings a calming influence to the fiery, sometimes overly excitable energies of Aries that we've seen at work over the past month. Taurus is a much more steady and practical sign than Aries, so people in general will now shift towards more of a focus on obtaining realistic results from their actions, rather than on the idealistic but often futile "acting for action's sake" mode that they may have been in recently.

In world events, this may indicate a racheting down of global tensions, as world leaders begin to take a less egocentric and more pragmatic approach to political affairs. Tensions don't dissipate entirely, of course. The stressful long-term T-square in cardinal signs involving Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto -- although itself easing back for a time, as both Jupiter and Pluto retrograde -- is still in effect. But the focus of these energies, as well as their outlet, now shifts a bit from simple showboating (which can quickly turn destructive) to achieving some sort of material results (which can become much more positive and constructive in nature).

In our personal lives, the period is primarily characterized by two retrograde planets: Venus, which just concluded its retrograde period last week; and Mercury, which continues retrograde until May 3rd. With one or both of these two "personal" planets retrograde since early March, we've been in a fairly long period of individual re-evaluation -- a time when each of us, in some personal way, takes a step back to rethink and restructure some facet of our life.

The specifics of how these processes unfold in your individual life depend largely on the houses of your natal horoscope where the transits take place and on their aspects to the planets in your natal chart. In general, however, Venus retrograde signifies a rethinking of your personal priorities and values -- a time when you're likely to find that things (or people, or activities, etc.) that you previously thought were important to you turn out to be not so important after all, while new things, people, or activities become more important. Mercury retrograde signifies a reshuffling of your basic knowledge and approach to life -- you learn new facts or information (or, conversely, you discover that information you thought was factual is not), and then you rearrange your approach to life based on these new or revised facts.

Both of these transits overlapping each other as they have been since March show a period when each of us, in some way, is coming out of this long period of re-evaluation and preparing now to move forward in a new, somewhat altered direction. The Sun in Taurus shows that a pragmatic approach is best at this time, and one based on the values and priorities that are most important to us.

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