This happened today and was covered as well by The Chattanooga Press

Here is the is really worth two minutes of your time.

UPDATE: During my testing, this link always worked. Now I am getting an "Oops... Error #403".  If this happens, simply copy and paste this link into your address bar.  It seems to work of right now at least.  I have heard of links being compromised.

Here is the press coverage by The Chattanooga Press:

"Tiffany Dover, nurse manager in Memorial's COVID-19 unit, was overcome with emotion as she recalled the difficulty caring for coronavirus patients minutes after receiving her vaccine dose. Moments later she started feeling dizzy and fainted.

Memorial physicians who were on site said light-headness and fainting sometimes occur when undergoing medical procedures, such as getting a shot or having blood drawn.  A Memorial spokesperson said Thursday evening that Dover was doing well."

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