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October 7
Muirs on the Move

At the end of September Mr. SM and I made an offer on a house in Cheyenne and it was accepted. Now we're jumping through the house-buying hoops and getting everything set up for a move in November. The Muirlettes are excited to have their own rooms to decorate as they see fit and I'm just pleased to have a dishwasher in the kitchen! We'll also have a real garden that we can plant veggies and fruit, and a much shorter driveway for snow shoveling. We will have to say goodbye to the parade route, but I this is just the house we need. So excited to spend the holidays in a new place! And speaking of holidays, I have a new book coming.

Cover Reveal!

The weather outside is frightful, and so are the thugs trying to toss me off a snowy cliff…
Rochelle Stone, Earth Witch

Speaking out against a local bigwig who's terrified of witches when you actually are a witch attracts trouble. Only the timely intervention of a big, hot biker dude saves me from a modern-day execution. He says he's security for the Concrete Angels Motorcycle Club, but I know he's more than that. I've always had an affinity for stones, and my affinity for Flint is through the roof. He's hard as a rock and my hands tingle when I touch him. He doesn't speak aloud, but his talented hands tell me plenty... Now if I can just get the jackass trying to kill me off my back, it'll be a golden holiday for sure.

Humans. They’re either gloriously happy or dismally miserable.
Flint, Concrete Angels’ Security

With the holidays just around the corner, I've been looking for a quiet place to collect my thoughts. But that's when Earl Creighton's thugs try to throw a woman off my local cliff. I normally don’t get involved with human troubles, but something about this woman captivates me beyond reason. I know can't walk away until Creighton is dealt with and his connection to the shadow group, Backlog, is severed. Rochelle is a temptation I must resist. How hard can it be? I'm a gargoyle. Made of stone, especially my heart. Not even an earth witch can penetrate its solid shell. Right?

Havoc, hexes, and holidays? It’s the most wonderful time of year…

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October Spotlight: Concrete Angels MC

Y'all remember when that would-be author got all bent out of shape over the word "cocky" and started a rash of "trademarking" of words? Some of those words were "Forever", "Biker", and "Encounter." I decided to put them all in a title because the ridiculousness of it was insane. I thought it was going to be a flash fiction piece. Now it's turning into a whole series. The first two books, My Forever Cocky Biker Encounter and Dude With a Cool Car let the snark flow. But then more characters insisted I write their stories and they'll be coming soon. But in the meantime you can meet the bikers of the Concrete Angels MC right here.
Eden Books
Coming Soon!
Febrary 1 2020

Angel Ink, Concrete Angels MC series #3

Angels, Art, and Avarice: The magic of an angel’s heart…is written on his skin.

Haley Michaels, Reporter

I was minding my own business, trying to escape a party, and walked straight into a murder. Which would’ve been the scoop of a lifetime if my phone hadn’t died. Now I’m stuck in a cabin in the mountains with a hot guy who appeared on the street like my knight on shining motorcycle.

Michael, Concrete Angels’ VP

Love isn’t something that archangels ever expect to feel.  Haley doesn’t know I’m not human, or just how inhuman the rest of my MC is, but I can’t stay away from her if I tried. Now I have to protect her – not only from the men hunting her, but also from the truth

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