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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree at Dawn of Hope Ranch

Greetings from America! Lisa and I have a few moments between meetings here in Colorado to give you an update on the things God is doing through NewCREEations.

So much has happened since our last newsletter. We had a wonderful time at the Grace and Faith conference in Telford England. The next weekend Andrew Wommack came to Dumfries to hold a Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS). The weekend after that we flew out to the States.

Then this past week Lisa and I attended the Kingdom Business Summit hosted by Charis here in Colorado. Sunday we spoke at Charis Family Church. This week we are taking care of some business things which we can only do in person before we head into another round of meetings and conferences.

It’s a busy season. But God is accomplishing great things!

Grace and Faith

Fiona McLean at Grace and Faith

From our perspective, Andrew Wommack’s Grace and Faith conference this year was a tremendous success! It is the biggest annual conference Andrew holds in the world, with over 3,000 in attendance. On the Saturday we held a big graduation ceremony for all five Charis Bible College locations in the UK.

This year our own Dumfries graduate, Fiona McLean was selected to be the class speaker to represent all of the UK Charis schools. It was a tremendous honor both for Dumfries and for her. Fiona did an amazing job with her speech!

Lisa and I, along with our Dumfries staff had many conversations with prospective students throughout the conference. We will be seeing the fruit of those God moments in September when the students start their classes.

Dumfries Gospel Truth Seminar

Andrew Wommack at the GTS in Dumfries Scotland

The next weekend Andrew Wommack came to Dumfries to hold a Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS). This was the first ever GTS in the UK, and the first time in 12 years that Andrew Wommack held an event in Scotland.

Andrew’s GTS events typically are two day events. In this case there was a Saturday even session followed by a second session on Sunday morning. On Saturday evening, Andrew called Lisa and I up to the stage to talk about the Bible college for a few minutes. It was quite an honor.

Chris & Lisa at the Dumfries GTS

Even though the event was hosted by Glen Aros Church, it was a very busy weekend for our Charis staff too. Our staff served double duty, both as Directors of Charis Dumfries, and as members of the church. Fortunately we have an amazing team and wonderful students who all stepped up to help out too. So we were able to accomplish all we set out to do for the weekend.

Since our Bible college facility was located just across the street from the conference center, we hosted an open house on Saturday afternoon before the GTS and again on Sunday after the main event finished. Lisa oversaw the team at the registration desk for the event. Andrew and Jasmine Sharp, who work with us in the Bible college also trained and supervised the prayer ministers for the event, which were a mix of church members and our students.

Chris at the Dumfries GTS

Our students also helped out as stewards/ushers, manned the Charis interest booth for prospective students, and assisted with our open house, with James Joseph from our staff helping to supervise all of that.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. Several more new students registered for September. Please stand with us in prayer that God will bring in a total of 50 students for Charis Dumfries for this next school year. That is what we as a staff are believing to see this autumn.

On to America

Chris & Lisa at Charis Family Church

We just barely got everything sorted after that big weekend, when Lisa and I jumped on a plane for our summer trip to the USA. Rick and Joann McFarland hosted us for the first few days in Colorado Springs. We had about enough time to get our bodies on Colorado time and we were off to the Kingdom Business Summit that Charis Colorado hosted.

It was great to catch up with many old friends, especially within the Charis/AWM staff. Plus we made a few new connections and heard some great speakers too.

On Sunday after the conference, Lisa and I were invited to share with Charis Family Church. It was a treat for us to be back with them because this was our home church for the 5+ years we lived in Colorado. The church still partners with us at NewCREEations, so it was a blessing to share the fruit their partnership is producing in Scotland and what all God has done in the past year.

Rejecting Mammon Testimony

Rejecting Mammon book cover

The folks at Charis Family Church were especially blessed to hear about the book we just published last month, Rejecting Mammon: How to See Results From Your Giving. They found several of the testimonies we shared from the book to be encouraging and folks wanted more info. Just so you know, the book is available in Kindle format and in paperback too.

The book is not just theory for us. We walk in the Kingdom ways I share in it. For example, you may have noticed that we mentioned our need to pay for our visa renewals after we return to Scotland next month. We estimate the total cost for that to be around £5,000 (about $6,500). For us that’s a significant harvest.

So Lisa and I did exactly what we explain in the Rejecting Mammon book. We took that harvest we need to God and asked Him how much seed we should sow for that harvest and what field to sow it into. We felt God said to sow some money into Andrew’s Grace and Faith conference. So on the Saturday, we planted the amount we heard from God into the offering and believed we received the harvest of provision to pay for our visa renewals.

The last session of the conference ended midday on Monday. Lisa and I drove back home to Scotland that evening. While we were sleeping Monday night, someone donated $5,000 to NewCREEations with a note saying it was to help with our visas! That was about 48 hours after sowing our seed for that very harvest. Then over the next two weeks we received three additional donations towards our visa’s, which completely cover that cost.

If you would like to learn how that works so you can start seeing more results like that in your own finances, I highly recommend getting a copy of Rejecting Mammon. I sincerely believe the book will bless you.

Looking Forward

Chris & Lisa at Charis Dumfries graduation 2019

Right now we are enjoying staying with Mark & Kim Harrison at their Dawn of Hope ranch. It is an incredibly peaceful place for us to rest and recharge in amongst all our meetings here in Colorado. If you are ever out this way, I highly recommend you consider staying here. They have several rooms they rent out on a regular basis and you can find out more on their AirBnB page here.

Next week Lisa and I will attend the Directors Meeting for all the Charis and AWM directors around the world. As soon as that is done, we have a European regional meeting here. On Sunday, June 30th Lisa and I will be speaking at River Rock Church in Colorado Springs as part of their missions Sunday. We would love to see you there!

Then the next week is Andrew Wommack’s Summer Family Bible Conference.

After that we get away for a few days away, off elsewhere in the Colorado mountains. Lisa and I have been going full throttle without a break for months now. So we are looking forward to those three days of down time with some friends.

When we return, we will shift down to Colorado Springs where we will stay with Bryan and Sue Nutman before we return to Scotland.

Every month I set out to write a short newsletter. But by the time I cover what all God is doing I end up writing another long one. It is so exciting to be a part of so many wonderful things God is doing.

Lisa and I pray that you have a wonderful summer too!

Abundant Blessings,


Chris & Lisa Cree

P.S. When he was in Dumfries, Andrew Wommack personally encouraged me to continue to believe for increase. And it’s not because we need more stuff either. Andrew rightly pointed out that God has a great many things He wants to accomplish in Scotland, which all require resources. Lisa and I are very grateful for those who donated towards our visas. The single biggest tool I use in ministry is my laptop. I use it for writing our Daily Reflections devotionals, all the social media content we post, book writing (I have three more books in the queue!), lesson preparation for the courses I teach, writing articles on our website, and all the administrative work that goes into running a Bible college campus and NewCREEations. My current laptop is over 4 years old and ready to be replaced. If you would like to donate toward that to help us continue in our work, please use the green button below to donate via our secure website form.


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