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Monthly Newsletter :: June 2018

Hi there,

Notice anything different about this newsletter?

If you've been on my list for a while, you most definitely will!

That's because I've switched service providers. It's something I've been considering doing for quite some time, to be honest; I used to use Mailchimp, but various authors have been commenting on the different writing groups I belong to that a new service called MailerLite offers a cleaner interface, is cheaper, and has more features that would be appropriate for indie authors--and fewer features that we don't care about.

After taking it for a spin last week, I tend to agree. And I hope you will, to.


Memoirs of a Guardian Angel -- Paperback Approved!

So this arrived in my postbox this month...

Finally. I ordered this thing on 5 May 2018, and it finally arrived on 15 June.

The purpose for me ordering it was to proof it and make sure everything was formatted correctly. This was also the first book that I've actually had a proper wraparound cover done for, and I was eager to see what it looked like.

It's amazing!

I've approved it now, so it should start showing up in all sorts of online stores in the coming weeks. And who knows, maybe some brick-and-mortar ones too, if they decide to buy stock.

As I find it in more places, I'll be adding links to the book's official page on my website, so check there often, and click "Paperback" under "Buy Now" to see them all.

In South Africa? Buy my books direct from me

To coincide with the pending distribution of the Memoirs of a Guardian Angel paperback, I've decided to actually start stocking my own books, and selling them directly to readers in South Africa.

If you're interested in buying a copy, here are the ones I currently have stock of, along with my prices:

Shipping is R99, anywhere in South Africa, or you can collect in Rivonia.

If you'd like one, reply to this e-mail, and we can arrange all the details.

Financial Report: May 2018

Here are the results from my author business for May 2018. As always, these figures have been converted to South African Rands for the final tally:

  • Income: R258.08
  • Expenses: R556.72
  • Loss: R298.64

I actually sold quite a bit last month, and not just Memoirs of a Guardian Angel, either. You can see that in my Income figure, which was significantly higher than April.

Unfortunately, I also incurred more expenses; what affected me the most was the fact that I had to order proof copies of Memoirs of a Guardian Angel (See above), and also pay for the design of the wraparound cover of that book.

Featured Author: Richard Gradner

This month's featured author is South African born Richard Gradner.

Richard is a Director at Mustard, a creative and digital agency. He was the first Red Bull Marketing Director in South Africa and has a passion for brands and branding.

He is also the author of Return to Lemuria, Unicorn and Servant of Memory, all stories that fall under the mythical fiction genre.

Richard is an ex-Kung Fu and Tai Chi teacher, with a deep connection to all things spiritual. He lives life to the full, maintaining a healthy mind and body through the daily practice of Yoga.

You can find more information about Richard at

Richard's latest book is called Servant of Memory. Click on the cover to find out where you can buy it.

Bound by the shackles of time, Elijah Levy is in his 14th reincarnation and on the brink of a sensational discovery that will give him the power to share his accumulated memories with the rest of the world.

But there is one memory, in particular, that attracts the attention of an evil organisation who threatens to embroil him in its iniquitous affairs. It concerns the Primordial Stone, a mythical talisman, infused with the power that was used to ignite the universe into being.

Elijah finds himself in the centre of a mystery far larger than he could ever have imagined when he must fight to discover his true purpose and save the life of Katy Saunders, the beautiful girl of his dreams.

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