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With Autumn just around the corner, we look back on our summer events, catch up with Yorkie Sky, one of our Lifers, welcome newcomers into the LCH fold, and William says a big 'thank you'. Our September newsletter tells all...

New Arrivals

Dino is still looking...

Dino came into rescue in early August; he is a foreign dog and had been dumped by the rescue that brought him to the UK. This little chap has spent all his life in rescue, so he takes some time to get to know you. He is currently in kennels, who report that he is a super dog with very few issues, but he is an escape artist and can climb a 6 foot fence to go visiting the other dogs!! He has not been properly assessed with children, so must go to a totally child free home. Is there anyone out there who can give this boy a sofa to call his own?

Jackson is a typical collie x lab, - a working dog with lots of energy, needing an active home and good long walks. He is 6 months old now and currently in foster under assessment, having the training that he needs to turn him into a sensible, calm pooch.

Bertie is 9. This boy does have a bite history, but this happened when he was poorly with a skin condition, which is now under control. Bertie is in foster now and is proving to be loyal, loving and affectionate towards his humans. His fosterer says he loves his cuddles and strokes when he wants them, and he lets you know when he does. Bertie gets on well with cats once he gets to know them. He needs a firm but fair owner that will give him time and space to adjust. Bertie will soon be ready for adoption, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for more info.

You can find more information on our other dogs by visiting our website pages: for foster or for adoption. Also our Facebook page.


The very first LCH Fun Dog Show to be held at High View Farm Animal Sanctuary, Chacewater, TR4 8NE will be on Sunday 22nd September. All proceeds go to the animals in our care. There will be some stalls, 12 noon onwards, with the show starting at 1pm. Plenty of field parking; refreshments and cake; toilet on site.

Sunday 20th October - Last Chance Hotel Autumn Fayre and Dog Show at Crofthandy Village Hall TR16 5JQ

Make a note of the dates in your diary. More information on our website Events page.

Rescues Revisited

We love to hear from our adoptive and foster families, and every so often feature a story or two from them. 

Sky came into emergency rescue in early 2018, saved from having her life cut short, because she couldn't keep up with the younger dogs. She is now one of our 'Lifers', under the wing of LCH, where her needs will be met, come what may. Here, her devoted foster mum tells her story...

Sky came to live with me and my 22 year old son on 9th March 2018 as an 'end of life foster' at the age of 12 (estimated by the vet). I'd seen her worried little face on the LCH Facebook page and decided I needed to have her! She had been rescued by LCH from the vet who had been told to put her to sleep by her previous owner, and who thankfully contacted LCH. Within a week of her initial rescue I had registered, been homechecked, met up with Sky and her lovely emergency foster mum, Gina, and gone back the next day to collect her and bring her home. She was double her current (now healthy) weight and waddled! She couldn't manage the stairs, so was carried up and down to bed. She was completely shut down to start with and wouldn't eat. Gina had managed to get a few cocktail sausages down her, but not much. We continued trying and after a week or so she started eating properly. I was so relieved I took a picture of her next to her new bag of 'proper' dog food!

Despite being shut down to start with, on our first meeting she immediately approached my son and she has adored him from that moment. He is her life! I'm just the nice lady who she lives with!

A few weeks after we brought her home Sky went into season (she looks like she's been bred from and was not spayed when LCH first got her as her weight and general demeanor meant it was safer to wait a little while). She then started showing signs of illness and drinking a lot, so I took her to the vets and she had a nasty case of pyometra. Thankfully it was caught in time and she survived the operation. She had lost a significant amount of weight by then, so the procedure was a lot safer than it might otherwise have been.

She is like a puppy now, no one can believe she is 13! She loves her walks and her food and 'bunny-hops' up and down the stairs! She loves our guinea pig, especially eating his poos, in fact she loves eating poo full stop. It's gross.

She is a teensy bit spoilt now and argues with us if she feels it's time for 2nd breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, etc (I think she's more of a hobbit than a dog! She's still a healthy weight but not by choice!) She'll also argue for walks, cuddles or just because she's bored.

Sky didn't know how to play with toys, and it took us about a year before she would start to join in our playing attempts. She can now chase a ball and kill her bunny toy, but doesn't often do this. She's happy though, I think. I'm so grateful to have her and my son adores her. She's up in his room now, chilling with him....


Sky is just one of our many 'end of life' foster dogs. Our 'Lifers' may be elderly, sick, or have behavioural issues which make them difficult to rehome. As well as ensuring they have the loving homes they deserve, we also meet their medical costs. Our vet bill is by far our largest expense, regularly in excess of £5000 per month. Donations towards our Lifers' care would be warmly welcomed. You can read more about them on our website Lifers page.


Ever feel you're being watched?

Sanctuary News

We recently were joined here at the sanctuary by 11 year old Gem, a beautiful part bred Arab mare.
Very sadly she suffered a leg injury as a foal which has rendered her unrideable. Since then she has blossomed into the most perfect companion pony, fitting in very well here. Gem is available for adoption. If you can offer this gorgeous girl a home, please get in touch.

It’s a First!! And what an amazing success too… the first ever community event at LCH High View Farm Sanctuary, - a Fun Dog Show in aid of local football club Frogpool and Cusgarne. The weather was kind, and the turnout brilliant! Great prizes, beautiful rosettes, refreshments and scrumptious cake, a fab afternoon all round! A huge thank you to everyone who came along and supported this event run by Gone to the Dogs.

Congratulations to Puzzle, owned by Sarah Higgins, for taking the Best in Show rosette.

Puzzle is a rescue dog; he landed on his paws with Sarah, who runs our Sit Happens dog training classes. When he first came into her care, he was a very scared little chap, having not had the best of lives… just look at him now, a calm, well socialised dog, and a credit to Sarah. Well done!


We are always in need of assistance at the Sanctuary, any time you can spare is much appreciated. Please contact us if you can help: email info@lastchancehotel.org or tel 01209 281159.


Putting the Fun in Fundraiser at Falmouth

What a fabulous day! A very big thank you to everyone who came along to the Princess Pavilion Falmouth on Bank Holiday Monday for the Dog Day event. We couldn’t believe the amazing turnout for our Fun Dog Show, thank you all so much for your support. Many thanks to the Princess Pavilion for giving us this wonderful opportunity, the venue was just perfect! Here are just a few of the beautiful pooches who turned up to strut their stuff! Congratulations to our Best in Show, George, such a gorgeous Staffie boy, and to Dennys, a happy vocal lurcher, who took Reserve Best in Show. 

Special thanks to our own Andrew Russell and Princess Pavilion's Jasmine Brett for organising this super event. 

Shoreline stunners...

Another amazing annual Flash Day at Shoreline Tattoo, St Ives raised a whopping £2625 for LCH. Thank you so much Beth Scott, Cherry and Mike for your hard work and beautiful designs, simply stunning! And thanks to all those who turned up to support this event, which gains more interest year on year. We look forward to the next one!

William's appeal

Do you remember William, a blind 6 month old pup who came into rescue earlier this year? He went into the care of Alyssa Shepherd and family, who love him to bits. This sweet boy recently had to have one eye removed as it was giving him trouble, and we appealed for funds to help with his vet bill. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of people who supported us with donations and messages for him.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has given towards William's operation, you are simply the best. We will catch up with William in a future newsletter; meanwhile, here are a some photos of this cute little chap.

A cuddle after his operation.

It didn't take him long to perk up

Thank you!

Holsworthy Pets delivers...

Many thanks indeed to the very generous customers and staff of Holsworthy Pets, who delivered another car load of donations to us recently. We are truly grateful for your ongoing support. 

Working for LCH...

Massive thanks to Caroline Shaw for the donation of £250 from the Pavers Foundation, which was awarded to her as a work incentive. Thank you for thinking of LCH Caroline, and working so hard to gain your award!

Facebook Fundraisers!

Facebook fundraisers are a fab way to raise funds for our animals in need, and we are always very grateful to those who turn their special day into something special for LCH. A huge thank you to Russell Martin, Vicky Webber, Amy Lewis, Pauline Norman, and Tracey Connors for nominating LCH to celebrate their birthdays, we hope you all had a brilliant time!

Grateful thanks also to Michelle Jeffery and her Facebook friends for monetary donations, as well as food and bedding, for High View Farm Sanctuary.

House of Eliot

House of Eliot operate from Newton Abbot indoor market, printing T shirts, baseball caps and all sorts; they have kindly chosen to support LCH in any fundraising they do. Many thanks to Kim and Eliot, and their customers for their recent lovely donation, we are very grateful for your support.

Tesco - bin there

Thank you once again, Tesco Falmouth, and their very generous customers, for another bin full of goodies for our animals. You are all very kind.

Winter preparations...

A massive thank you to Gilly Lucas for the fab donation of 30 odd bales of horse bedding, dog food, blankets and collars etc. We are nearly set for winter now!

Assistance for Spike

A massive thank you to West Country Bullie Walks for their generous donation towards Spike's huge vet bill. Spike is a lifer with Last Chance Hotel; because of his big health issues, without help from wonderful groups like West Country Bullies, we would find things so much more difficult. Thank you so much.

Hospital bakers

A big thank you to the Histology Department at Treliske Hospital for recently raising £100 from cake sales, your support is very much appreciated!

Lastly, but by no means least...

An extra special thank you to a very special 5 year old young lady who collected for Last Chance Hotel for her birthday party, instead of presents. A beautiful gesture, which raised £37... kindness itself, and credit to her very proud family. Thank you from all the LCH team.

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home. Here are some tributes of that celebration of love

Two years ago ‘Bubbles’ arrived as a foster, we all fell totally in love with her but knew we couldn’t really keep her, she met some wonderful people who adopted her but it wasn’t meant to be and she bounced back. So Bubbles became Bella and that was that!! This dog ♥️ she absolutely melts my heart. Thank you LCH. SH

Two years today we adopted T Jay and can’t thank LCH and Jo enough for bringing this beautiful amazing, best friend into our lives xx happy two years angel mamma loves you xxx❤️❤️❤️❤️ KL

Did you Know?

We have a NEW LAST CHANCE HOTEL FACEBOOK PAGE, which aims to keep you updated with all the latest news on the dogs and much more. Please click on the link and ‘like’ our page.

We have other Facebook groups: LAST CHANCE HOTEL AUCTION runs auctions throughout the year, with loads of fab stuff up for grabs, raising vital funds for our vet bill.

Our Amazon Wishlist, by which you can purchase specific goodies and have them delivered to us, is a lovely way to send a present for our animals! The link will take you straight there for a browse of all sorts of goodies from toys and chews to harnesses, coats and lovely food.

There are also ways to help raise funds for us whilst you’re shopping online, which don’t cost you a penny. Easyfundraising is a scheme whereby you can shop at many popular retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and they will donate a small percentage (usually 1%) of your order to the charity of your choice, with no extra expense to you. Giveasyoulive is a similar scheme, with over 4000 retailers involved.

Like all charities, we depend almost entirely upon the generosity of our wonderful supporters. We have several ways in which monetary donations can be made: PayPal is easy and convenient for the many people who hold an account.

JustGiving provides another way of donating and also an opportunity for individuals to fundraise for us through sponsorship of a personal challenge. In addition, it allows us to claim back the Gift Aid part of the donation which can add vital pennies.

If neither of these methods are suitable, then we are more than happy to accept donations via direct bank transfer using the following information:

Last Chance Hotel
Sort code: 20-67-19
Account no: 73797503
(Do drop us a quick email with your details so we can say thanks!)

or cheques, if sent to our Treasurer, at the address given at the bottom of this newsletter.

Legacies are also a vital source of support and we now have a dedicated page on our website which provides information on legacies and about leaving a gift in your Will to Last Chance Hotel. All donations enable us to continue our work in rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming, and legacies provide a future for the charity, as well as giving us further opportunity to educate, inform and promote responsible pet ownership.

Thank you from Team LCH and all the animals!


“To err is human — to forgive, canine.” 

Author Unknown

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