This week NomadMania's focus is on getting to know the Chinese travel community. Last Saturday, our Envoy Meeting in Shanghai was a blast!

Hats off to our Local Envoy for China & Mongolia Katherine Wei and Eugenio Bregolat, the Envoy Coordinator for Asia, Australia and Pacific, for hosting an amazing get-together! With 12 attendees from across the globe, including a strong Ukrainian presence (a quarter of the total guests!), the event was all about connections, stories, and our shared passion for travel. 

Thanks to everyone who joined, especially to our UN Master Lorenzo Riccardi and to Matei Rusu, who flew in all the way from Brussels especially for this event!

Check out our event calendar and join us next time to be part of the magic!

Get Involved in Our Envoy Programme 

Just a reminder that we're still growing our Envoy Programme, and we need you! Check out positions that need filling and reach out if you want to get involved. Let's make the NomadMania community even stronger!

We are especially looking for an Envoy Coordinator for Australia as well as Envoys for a number of regions; and remember we are looking to split regions even further in due course and create Envoy opportunities for every country or even every NomadMania region!

Check the details here.

Meet Sabrina Chunyan Zhang – Chinese Female Solo Traveller

If you are curious about the diverse world of the Chinese travel community, you shouldn't miss our latest interview with Sabrina Chunyan Zhang! With 47 countries under her belt, Sabrina talks about her unique experiences and the challenges she faces both travelling with her Chinese passport and solo as a woman. Read the interview here or watch it on NomadMania's Youtube Channel.

Women in Travel Poll Reminder

Talking about female solo travellers... We would like to remind you that our Women in Travel Poll is still open! We'd love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and help us understand your travel experiences better. Participate here.

As Seen On...

Tune in to This Travel Tribe podcast where our founder, Harry Mitsidis, shares "10 Meaningful Places to Visit That Are Probably Not On Your Radar." From Tuvalu to Faroe Islands, get inspired for your next adventure! Listen to the episode and start planning your unique journey.

New DARE regions in China

Special DARE highlights this week helps you discover China like never before! The list of new DARE destinations now includes Pingtan Island in Fujian. Known as the "County of Islands," Pingtan boasts 126 islands with breathtaking coastal views, making it a must-visit for those seeking untouched beauty. Don't miss the chance to explore this unique place, China's 5th largest island!

Other DARE places to explore this week include:


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