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Edition 36 - September 2017

Never a dull moment at Children of the Light!

Last Saturday, September 2nd, Children of the Light had an amazing event titled, 'African Proverbs and Folktales'. The children danced, recited proverbs and performed two plays, 'The Boy who Changed' and 'Ananse and the Lizard.' We really do have a great bunch of talented children, and the laughter and excitement from the audience could be be heard from afar.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the Children of the Light staff and ALL who played a part in making this event happen, including H&H Company Ltd., Ghana, for the donation of biscuits that were enjoyed at the event. God bless you!

Happy 12th Anniversary Children of the Light!

On Monday, August 7th, Children of the Light celebrated its 12th year of operation with a home-made chocolate cake and drinks from Parks & Caves, Ghana. We are all so thankful that in this 12th year we are able to enjoy our activities in the comfort of the centre. To God be the glory! We pray blessings on all who played a role in this being possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank First Love Foundation, USA, for their recent donation which has enabled us to continue construction at the centre, and to begin working on the sports section. So far, the top portion of the building is looking amazing and our sports area is coming together. May God continue to bless First Love Foundation!

Visit from the Australian High Commission, Ghana!

This week, we were honoured with a visit from Iona Joy and Vicentia Quartey, from the Australian High Commission, Ghana.  They came to see the progress that has taken place at the centre since we received the tremendous donation from the 2016 Melbourne Cup Charity Event.  As highlighted in the last edition of Praise News, it was through this donation and the donations from the Support Group of the Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute, Switzerland, Frist Love Foundation, USA, Steinhovden Skule, Norway, and Lifeline Insurance Sevices Ltd., Ghana, that helped us to take a mighty step forward and move in.  Words really cannot express our gratitude to you all.  


The month of reading held back in June was a great success. In July, we held a memorable banquet and the children were served a delicious meal and drink. Prizes were awarded to the top winners, and all participants received a special take-home-pack. Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors SHOPRITE, Ghana; Type Company Ltd., Ghana, Healthilife, Ghana, and all individuals who supported the event. Thank you also to Nana Bonsu, the editor of Crayon Magazine, Nana came along to the event and took these great photos.     

What you help a child to love can be more important than what you help him to learn. ~African proverb

What a wonderful world!

Every year we hold an event tilted, 'Country Projects'. The children research a country of their choice and then put their findings together to create an informative and colourful project. Once complete, the children present what they have learned to us all. As seen from the picture below, this year went very well, with countries studied from almost all 7 continents.

Thank you PFC Auditing Services!

Children of the Light would like to extend a special thank you to PFC Auditing Services. Every year as an NGO, we are requested to send in an audit to Social Welfare, Ghana, for us to receive a renewal of our 'Certificate of Recognition'. This year our auditors, PFC Auditing Services, kindly donated their services for the audit to be done. Thank you so much, as this kind gesture came to us at a perfect time. GOD BLESS YOU!

Thank you to all our on-going supporters!

We would like to use this opportunity to thank H&H for the delicious boxes of biscuits, Laurie and Jeff Korum for the beautiful furniture, Ger Claessens-Teeuwen for the great toys and school supplies, Charlotte Waetford and Cushla Smith for the fantastic furniture and plants, plus our wonderful monthly donors.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL,

On a final note, on Saturday, September 30, we will be holding our Recycling Competition and Art Exhibition.

Message from the founder,

On a number of occasions these past weeks, I have sat in awe over how far we have come. For those who may not know, Children of the Light started in a local church. From there, we moved to a classroom in a public school, and then to a locally made container (for many years) placed on my front yard. Now, we have a centre that is growing more and more beautiful each day. It has been and continues to be a joy to hear and watch the children learning and playing in a safe, lush environment. All of this would not have been possible without the support of you all. Thank you so much for being a part of this vision. MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU ALL!


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If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito. ~African Proverb~

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