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Building A Serendipity Vehicle

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the overwhelming support for Newsletter OS. I haven't said this publicly yet, but I've crossed $5k in revenue from this little passion project. I'm thrilled to see that many people love what I've built. It's been a true labour of love and I'm glad that it has been well received. I've got plans to get Newsletter OS in front of larger audiences and will be doubling down on marketing this month.

This week, I'm sharing about building a serendipity vehicle, positive-sum thinking, a playbook for building in public, free learning lists and more.

Again, thanks for reading BrainPint and sharing about it. Made me smile to be featured in huge newsletters For The Interested and Revue's The Week In Newsletters this week.

With gratitude,

Interesting Reads

How To Maximize Serendipity
Serendipity is a skill which can be learned. David Perell explains how we can build a serendipity vehicle to bring new opportunities into our orbit. I've seen this play out in my life by writing BrainPint and building in public. Try it. The upsides are astounding.

The Rise of Positive-Sum Thinking
Life is not a zero-sum game. We're wired for scarcity from birth, but can transform the way we live through positive-sum thinking and building.

Goodness Precedes Greatness: A Call For New Heroes In Troubled Times
An article apt for the climate of uncertainty we're in. I first read this 9 years ago and keep coming back to it. "The human story is still unfolding. We are telling it as we speak. The human song is still weaving its way towards a chorus, through the suffering, through the fear. We need each other. We need heroes. We need hope. Tell a good story with the way you live. What is the world you want?"

Mario expertly explains characteristics of compounding companies. Compounders have high recurring revenues, high gross margins, and low capital intensity, which generates strong free cash flow that can then be reinvested. I personally invest into tech compounders with a long-term view, so I no longer get worried during market shakeouts.

What Makes An Advertising Jingle Stick
Learn more about the psychology behind earworms (those little tunes that pop into your head randomly) and why some jingles like McDonald's Bah-da-ba-ba-bah stick.


    Building In Public: The How-To Guide
    Why Building in Public is powerful, and how to do it. Some picks:

    • Share real quotes & screenshots of feedback from users
    • Propose interesting product ideas and ask the community for feedback
    • Articulate roadblocks and how to overcome them

    How To Price Your SaaS Product
    Patrick Campbell shares about pricing for SaaS. (such a tricky topic!) If you're short on time, check out his summary on Twitter.
    "In the beginning, the actual number you're charging isn't that important. What matters much more is two other questions:

    1. Your value metric
    2. Your ideal customer profiles and segments"

    Automate The Boring Stuff With Python
    If you've been meaning to pick up coding skills, the link above gives you free access to the popular online course on Udemy. I think the code's only valid for a few days, so jump in quickly. More details here.

        Newsletter Operating System
        Newsletter OS Intro

        Newsletter Operating System (Notion Dashboard)

        I launched a thing last Friday! Newsletter OS is a comprehensive Notion dashboard that helps newsletter creators curate, write & grow their newsletters.

        Thanks to everyone who ordered. I hope you liked it. To celebrate $5k in sales, I've created a code just for BrainPint readers. It's applied directly in the link below. Join 246+ happy customers and get yours now.

        Get Newsletter OS now
        Resources & Tools
        Copy AI


        Compose high-performing audience-based ad copy in seconds. Tried it out for BrainPint: "Get the most interesting & insightful articles, tools & learning resources for your brain every week." Pretty good right? 

        Free Learning List - The Internet's best education material, ranked and categorized. I really like Crash CourseKurzgesagt

        OpenDeck - Get inspiration for your next pitch deck. 1200+ slides sorted by category.

          Community / Newsletter

          "It’s usually more important to be in the right room than to be the smartest person in the room" - James Clear

          That's why I recently joined Trends.vc's Pro Community. As a one-man show, Dru manages to accomplish what other research houses take months to do... in a week. I learn so much from him and the other smart members in the community. Check out his writing on Paid Newsletters & Paid Communities

            Take A Brain Break

            The Wiki Game - Explore Wikipedia through this game. You have to get from one wikipedia page to another by only clicking on the links within the pages.

            Cameron's World - A love letter to the Internet of old through a collage of archived Geocities sites

              Quote Of The Week

              "My friends, be audacious with your hope. Never believe that the world can’t change. Never believe that you can’t change”
              — Jon Foreman
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