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לחץ כאן לעברית


Well, thanks to YOU, we are finally settled in our new home, the Tikvah for Parkinson Wellness Center. At our grand opening -- a regular wellness session followed by pizza -many of our participants came bearing gifts: the water urn, the chairs, much of the exercise equipment, the mugs, the jugs, the books the pictures. Together, the Tikvah Family succeeded in creating a real home. .

Now that we're settled, we've started a new program, an Art Therapy Workshop for Women with Parkinson. And we also have a massage therapist onsite to work with our clients during activities. 

Oh, and yes! A telephone line with updated information on our activities: 079-560-1296.

All of this was made possible thanks to you, our friends and supporters.  Thank you! 



Patient Impact

TO WATCH VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBDnaFJ5ZBo&feature=youtu.be


Meet Eliyahu, a Parkinson Fighter, and his wife, Illana.

"The voice therapy has had an aspect of teaching us how to swallow things properly. That's been very important for taking medication. Not  getting it stuck in the throat." 


"There are all kinds of things that we have learned in every activity that have improved his condition. There is no doubt about it."



Tikvah' Lecture Series

On May, 9, 2017, Aviva Yoselis MPH, and Health Care Advocate for the Shira Pransky Project presented on "Five Common Mistakes Olim made in Navigating the Israeli Healthcare System."

Some of the main points: 

  • Keep clear medical records. Throw out all the junk, such as receipts etc that are no longer relevant, but keep blood tests, other test results and lists of all current medicines. 
  • Be savvy about private medical care. Prior to a visit with a private specialist, see your Kupat doctor and get a referral to the Kupah specialist. Let him send you for blood tests, x-rays, scans etc. Go to see the specialist armed with all the information.. 
  • Read you supplementary insurance plan to learn what is coming to you. You might be pleasantly surprised!


On June 5, Tikvah held its third "Ask the Neurologist" evening with David Arkadir, MD, PhD, senior neurologist specializing in movement disorders at Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Kerem. He responded to questions on a wide range of topics, including managing medications, nutrition, exercise, and genetics. T In addition, he introduced physician in training, Ariel SimonTov, to the audience, and told them about the research project Ariel and Dr. Arkadir are conducting in collaboration with Tikvah for Parkinson to test the efficiecy of computerized cognitive training on people at the various stages of Parkinson diseases.

To hear the lecture: 

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Meet Our Staff!

Marsha Kaplan, Expressive Art Therapist 

AGE: not too old to have fun

EDUCATION: BA UC Berkeley: MA Expressive Art Therapy University of Haifa

"The beauty of art therapy is that people’s thoughts and deepest emotions are expressed through their creations. The artwork is a window into their hearts and minds. Its like a mirror or a deep pool. After a few minutes of reflection, people are often surprised at the clarity in which what they’ve made reflects their state of mind and how emotions bubble to the surface. It's something that they can come back to time and again to think about and reflect upon. By creating a safe, supportive environment, a skilled therapist gives the participants permission to share – or to refrain from sharing. “

Participants in the workshop share:

Through expressing my thoughts and frustrations with art, it becomes something tangible, and then it is easier to deal with. It’s solid, when the world around me is not.

When I create, first, I express the darkness, and then only afterwards does the beauty emerge.

I loved the feeling of wet clay. I wanted to take off my shoes and wiggle my toes in it!

This workshop helps me to make order out of a chaotic world.

Through art, I am able to express things that are beyond words. It’s solid, when the world around me is not.

Ask the Neurologist


Ask the Neurologist: an evening of questions and answers

Who?  David Arkadir, MD PhD,

Movement Disorder specialist at Hadassah Ein Kerem

When? July 10 (27 Tamuz) at 18:00

Where? Tikvah for Parkinson Wellness Center, Mercaz Shatner 3, 1st floor

Walking, Cognitive Functions and Falls

WHO: Professor Jeff Hausdorff, Director of the Center for the Study of Movement, Cognition and Mobility, Neurological Institute, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and Tel Aviv University

WHAT: Relationship between walking, cognitive functions and falls: Evidence, implications and innovative treatments.

WHEN: July 17th (5 Av) 19:00pm

WHERE?  Tikvah for Parkinson Wellness Center, Mercaz Shatner 3, 1st floor

Tikvah For Parkinson

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