This week, we're sharing another hot, naughty Reverse Harem romance... and we know you're going to Crave! One wild night  can lead to a lot of explicit and relentless... steam. Why choose?!

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Crave: A Reverse Harem Romance

I’m not a damsel, but I am in distress. Three knights come to my rescue, but are there enough chairs at my table?

My best friend talked me into a wild night at an upscale club. It isn’t my thing, but I tell myself it’s just research for my latest romance novel. Fiction imitates reality, right? 

I didn’t expect the dark angels who rescued me from a vicious assault. 

Each guy is intense, sexy, and offering me something I need, especially after a bitter heartbreak. 

Axel is kind, in his arms I feel nurtured and comforted. Serious, alpha Ryker has a keen intellect, a man I can talk with all night. Bad boy Diesel will walk through fire for me. 

I can’t give any of them up. Will the ultimate fantasy become a heart-pounding reality? Will they walk away from my indecent proposal? All of them say they want my mind, body, and soul. And I? 

I want. I need. I Crave. 

Download Crave now because you love contemporary reverse harem romance featuring strapping, alpha men and a good girl exploring her wild side. This is a standalone with sizzling pops of action and explicit, relentless. . .steam


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