Mine Forever #1

I never gave a f*ck about my family’s billions.

Wrongly convicted for 10 years and she isn’t a girl any more.

She’s a woman. My woman.

I thought prison would undo me, but nothing could prepare me for the secret my girl held back from me.

What the Reviews Say:

This story starts out strong and will hold you captive until the last page. Axe and Sabrina’s story is amazing, their characters well developed, their history marred, and their future uncertain. Can their love change him and make their lives better? Will finding out he has a daughter ruin their trust? Grab this wonderfully written story today to find out if they get their much deserved HEA

Wow. There are so many twisted little plots within plots in this story. It kept me anxiously glued to my reader, desperate to find out what would happen next, what was really going on. I don’t know that I’ve met a Weston Parker hero that I didn’t absolutely adore, and Ax certainly fits the mold: a bad boy who’s also a very good man.

In Weston Parker’s latest release, Billionaire Biker’s Secret Baby there is intrigue, mystery, revenge plots, lost love, second chances and a secret baby. You are going to get everything you want in this story and it will keep your interest from page one to the very end.

Start to finish it will keep you on your toes, it will make you want to cry, it will frustrate you to no end, it will definitely make you believe in second chances and also believethat love so strong can find a way to strive. This one has a strong story line filled with deceit, lies, under handed sneaky play, suspense, hot emotional chemistry between the main characters and a few surprises you won’t see coming.

This author has the talent of drawing his readers in and wrapping them into the story until the very last page and I am no exception! The fantastic story and the strongly written characters kept me glued to each page as the characters came to life and seemed to jump off the pages as the relationship took shape between Sabrina and Ax!


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