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Andi Roswell never wanted to be a rock star. After being accidentally discovered performing drunken karaoke, the Goth girl's life will never be the same. She's now the frontwoman for the heavy metal band Absolution, and is dating the sexy director Leo Black.


Dave Prince is the singer of the classic Goth band Babybat. When Babybat plays the same music festival as Absolution, he and Andi meet and become unlikely friends.
But their lives aren't destined to run smoothly, and when they both find themselves in emotional distress, they only people they have to turn to are each other.  

The complete box set of all three books in the 4Ever Series with almost 1, 500 pages filled with Holly and Jake's Romance, how they met, how heartache and pain and secrets had split their roads and how the truth healed their lives again. 

Two people begrudgingly perfect for each other, creates the ideal recipe for imperfect love. 
Secret Love - Guarding a secret and playing with fire has never been a good combination.
Endless Love- Death comes to us all, but true love conquers all?
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Love is a Drive?


Have you experienced love?


Love it or hate it you know what that is. And in so many ways.


They say love is a drive...


Euphoria? Ecstasy, compassion, surprise, anxiety, anger, jealousy, despair till you win over.


Sure. But what about mother’s love?

If it’s a drive what's it for?

Is it unconditional love? Why?

Every mother leaves a profound and long-lasting impact. We all are a testimony to the mother's love.


Be thoughtful...This Mother’s Day read or gift "A Mother’s Love". An endearing book about the strength and resiliency of a mother’s love.

She’s like a drug I can never get over. I’m addicted. 

Like a fiend itching for his next hit. A lion waiting on his next meal.

After what happened last summer… She’s finally back in my life.

And just like that. This lust has returned. 

There’s no way in hell I’m letting her go this time. 

My sweet sweet little Lily, the love of my childhood. 

You will be mine again.

But first—we need to handle this little situation… he needs to be taken care of. 

If you wanna fight dirty—punk—bring it on. 

This may be a game to you, but the stakes for me are life and death. 

I will ruin your career, I will ruin your life, and you will never see your family again. 

You have no idea who you’re messing with. 

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