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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's yummy food day! Mr. Lane and I are kicking back and eyeballing the timers until everything is ready to eat. 

The pecan pie is looking especially tempting this year.




Here's a snippet to get us all through these last few days!


“Ex-boyfriend?” His lion surged to life, ready to rip into anyone who dared get near her.

She shook her head. “Oh, no. We’re not going there.”

The phone went off again, the noise grating against his nerves.

“Well, you’re upset. You went on vacation alone. What did you do to piss him off?”

“What did I—I’m sorry, what did I do?” She turned away from the window and fixed him under the full force of her glare. “No wonder your place looks like a mausoleum for the celibate.”

Trent barked a harsh laugh. “Don’t you worry about that, princess. My needs are well handled.”

Hailey rolled her eyes and scoffed.

The silence suited him just fine. His lion was the one who disagreed, but the beast could deal with it. Hailey was a problem they’d be rid of soon enough.

She punched the programmed buttons and ran through his usual radio stations, never lingering for more than five seconds to any classic rock song. Trent shifted in his seat when she spun the dial to check out the other options. When she landed on some sort of awful pop/rap/club mix, she cranked the volume.

“I love this song!” she said brightly.

And smelled like a lie.

He turned off the radio. “I like to drive in silence.”

She turned it back on.

Trent eyed her without turning his head. She wanted to fuck with him? Fine. Two could play that game.

He turned off the heat and blasted the AC.

Trent shook his head with a silent laugh as she wrapped her arms around herself and arched an eyebrow.

She didn’t say a damn word, though.

Preorder now! Releases December 4th!

New from friends!

Aurora Champions Box Set: Paranormal Dating Agency

Four extra steamy shifter tales set in the Paranormal Dating Agency world! 

Nessa’s cooking isn’t the only thing making it difficult for grouchy retired champion Gaius to focus on building her a new kitchen in “The Way to a Bear’s Heart.”

Pomona’s new job as a personal chef to a pair of sexy dragon shifter champions is complicated by her attraction to both her bosses in “Hot Wings.”

Dragon shifter Simina’s tragic loss of her champion lover makes her gun shy about moving forward, especially when the trio she falls for are all champions like the man she lost in “Triple Talons.”

And Astra’s career as a female champion is on the line if she doesn’t learn to get along with the three men who can help her in “Midnight Star.” 


The Phoenix Night Shift: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance Box Set

Researching mystical creatures can bring deadly consequences.

I dug a hole. A deep hole.

Now I’m being targeted by a gang of ruthless harpies who are power-hungry, dangerous and wreaking havoc on NYC.

When I met Sergeant Daniel Richards, he reveals a side of the city I never could have imagined existed - including the three other stunningly HOT protectors who stand by my side:

Lenny: The rebel who wears his heart on his sleeve.
Jack: Two words: Champagne and Chopin.
Jamie: The type of person who behaved as though he has always known you. Social. Relaxed.

They’re a very special unit of Phoenix shape-shifters and their responsibility is to keep the balance between Earth and the nether-world.

Unfortunately, things couldn’t be further from....

The closer I get to my protectors, the more drawn to them I become.

But now’s not the time to be thinking about that while the whole city goes to hell…. is it?

A steamy Phoenix shifter romance series that will bring your body temperature up a notch (or two) and leave you wanting more. The following books are included in this box set: Protect, Serve & Obey.


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