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Nov. 2020 Update

Since being in the pandemic, there's been plenty of time for introspective and additional learning. I've been taking a lot of deep dives recently, pursuing new opportunities, and creating new things. Overall, the month of November has been packed with a lot of new findings.

I've been able to take a lot of time to look in myself, explore philosophies, and exchange thoughts.

In doing so, I was able to streamline new goals for myself, and develop new projects, and get involved!

This update's going to be a little longer, so get ready!

In this newsletter update, we'll be talking about:

  1. How I proposed my own quantum computing hardware + AI and biotech projects
  2. Streamlining my goals, and a hint towards an ongoing secret project that I'm working on...(🤫)
  3. Resources, my website, podcast, and other things
An Influential Spotlight on the Unconventional

There was a lot to learn and do at this conference.

I received the amazing opportunity to not only speak but also attend the EVOKE X CASCON tech conference, Canada's largest developers summit. Aside from getting an awesome platform to share my ideas on using unconventional computational paradigms to advance security, but I also got to listen in on topics such as quantum climatecarbon sequestration, and even literary neuromorphic technology

📷 This gave me the means to develop a new snapshot of the world, which has put tools and problems into a new perspective for me

 🧠 I also got exposed to some of the leading minds in the manufacturing, software, healthcare, and security industries = great networking

💡 All by being asked questions by 1,000+ people on a live forum, I was challenged, and new ideas formulated in my head, along with a lot more new problems

Hey, check out my talk here 👇🏾

Streamlining my Goals
  • Climate Change - Creating resources that leave smaller carbon footprints
    • Foodtech: Genetic algorithms, cellular agriculture, etc.
    • Energy: Quantum dots, photovoltaics, semiconductors, etc.
    • Materials: Quantum material simulations generating alternatives
  • SDGs +Social Impact: Healthcare distribution, climate action, data security
    Something Cool!

    These are some of the interesting things/people I got to talk about/with.

    Cellular Agriculture; Tissue Engineering
    Co-founder and CSO of FutureFields

    Getting to speak with Dr. Matthew Anderson-Baron on cell culture and tissue engineering was awesome! He was super open and honest and even shared personal insight on moonshots. Fun fact: he was conducting an experiment when we were talking. So cool. We mainly talked technically, and about his experience when creating a moonshot company -> awesome!

    Networking with Numerous
    Learning from others!

    I had the amazing opportunity of being able to network 1 on 1 with dozens of individuals through my startup and also numerous advisors and innovators @TKSSide note, we just got a VISA advising team for Fidutam 🎉!!! Anyway, It was super cool getting to know so many different individuals, talking technical with a lot of people, braindating and brainpodding, and learning.

    New Mindsets, Introspective, and Reflection
    A Phenomenal Philosophical Phase 🤔💬

    Lately, I've been exploring numerous philosophies and their implications. This has led me to develop new mindsets in antifragility 🧱punctuality 🗓, and biases to action and growth 💥. I've been able to use stoicism, altruism, Christianism, consequentialism, minimalism, and more to optimize my life.

    So, here's the result(s)

    1. Adolescent Neuroarchitecture: I'm now beginning to understand super in-depth how my 14 y/o brain works, and I'm hacking it to catalyze my development. I'm also able to complete my work faster and work for longer periods, pull all-nighters, and incubate my bias to action.
    1. On-the-ball: I'm getting the world to work for me in the backend and doing my part on the frontend. Every day, I'm inspired to work on a new problem, and go to be at least 2x smarter than I was the day before
    1. Productive Mindset: I've been finding that I'm now able to ideate my desires into reality. No... I'm not reality warping, and I'm not an all-powerful telekinetic that fell out of Marvel comics (**ahem** Jean Grey_), but I'm instead living out my expectations and finding I'm able to achieve them.
    1. Comfortability: I've been trying to make sure that my body feels comfortable and ready for the day. If this means getting my 8 hrs at all costs over Thanksgiving Break. That's what it means (I'm writing this newsletter at 2: 58 AM...). Anyway, remaining healthy and good is what matters!
    Recent Projects

    Check out some of the most recent side projects that I've been developing in AI, Quantum AI, and other technologies!

    Quantum Photovoltaics.

    - Designed and graph engineered

    - Quantum computing system that used quantum dots and silico-anthracene

    - Reduced quantum computing cost, less cooling systems, more efficient computation, reduce quantum decoherence

    Click here to learn more

    Sentiment Analyzer

    - Built a program that could determine positive, negative, or neutral emotion based on writing

    - Algorithm used NLP, LSTM/RNN, and could translate any language

    - It understood emojis and abbreviations

    - More accurate predictions by using past

    Click here to learn more

    QML Algorithms

    Built a host of quantum artificial intelligence:

    - Solar cell simulations

    - Simulating molecules

    - Vibrionic spectra analysis using probability

    - Simple & advanced VQE, VQT, QAOA algorithms

    Click here to view them

    CNN Applications

    Using CNNs for:

    - Disease Detection

    - Image Style Transfer

    - Classifying new bodies in space

    - Deepfake technology

    - Synthetic Image Generation and GANs

    Look at the photo + Click here

    Ongoing Projects + StartUpdates
    Company Things

    We've been developing Fidutam, and we're making big progress!

    My and team and I are now pushing closer and closer towards finishing up our prototypes and partnering with different stores, companies, etc. More updates on everything coming soon! Right now, we've also finished our website and interactable prototype!

    New "Side" Business??

    I recently joined the Medium Partner Program.

    Now, when people who have Medium subscriptions read my articles, they're patronizing me and my work. This is super exciting and comes with a lot of cool perks, like friend links and more. I also have a Medium subscription, allowing me to read, read, read! I've also written over 17 articles on Medium, and over 25 articles total!

    Over the next few weeks and months, I'll be heavily focused on these, and still be working on side projects and extracurriculars. These are different things that will take up time.

    Here are some goals:

    • Continuously studying for AP and standardized testing
    • Building my "T" in sustainable biotech and working on my scalable, and viable solutions, talking and working with more ppl in the space [focus]
      • Learning about foodtech and genetic engineering
    • Getting more and exposure, and learning as much as possible
    • Building an awesome recommendation in the next few weeks

    I'll be in full pursuit of these goals every single day! More updates to come in future letters.

    How I want to Grow

    1. Data Analysis. More recently, I've been spending hours learning how to apply analytic thinking to analyze data really strongly and finding nuances, and reading between the lines. I've also been looking at mental models and other resources to help with this. Got any resources? Feel free to send them over!

    2. Thinking and Pivoting. I'm looking to enhance my patience factor, empathy, and understanding so that I can continuously grow and enhance my learning capabilities. I've been binging mental games, quizbowl packets, and Naval Ravikant to learn how to pivot, change, think, and use neuroplasticity to my advantage.

               a. Empathy. This would also benefit my emotional capabilities and control,          and after studying more in art and neuroevolution, this could benefit my                creativity and ingenuity as well 

    3. Physicality. I've now begun doing preseason training for the varsity tennis team! It's super fun, and I'm really excited as last year, our season was canceled. I'm looking to be 10 - 100x of tennis (and violin and golf and chess) player than I was last year so that I can not only win but maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm likely to be playing a higher seed, so it's important that I'm prepared.

    Best Resources 🤩

    I've been reading a lot this month (contrary to what my parents may see - I'm constantly on my computer READING lol)

    Books of ze Month. 

    • The Odyssey + Illiad; A Greco-Roman Mythology Epics
    • The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success; Becoming a successful CEO
    • The Singularity is Near; A book on futurism and beyond biology and machine intelligence

    Great Movies

    • The Outsiders; A movie on the wealth divide of battling gangs
    • The Social Dilemma; You know... social media controlling us 👻

    Resources I've Made

    How you can help me!

    • If you know any people in the legal space 👨🏾‍⚖️, like patent lawyers or investment bankers, please connect me with them 💬
    • Please connect me with any developers, executives, or innovators in the sustainable food/alternative protein space or AGI and AI spaces
    • If you have any internships open, I'm available 📇
      • Looking to work in a lab, do scientific research in genetics or astrophysics/cosmology 🌌
      • Looking to work in machine learning and human intelligence/BCI labs 🧠
      • Looking to work in additive manufacturing, compliant mechanism, CAD, 3D + 4D printing labs 🖨
    • Looking to give speaking opportunities or investments? I'm always looking for large platforms to share my ideas and funding/partnership for projects, and my startup

    Let me know if any of these are of interest to you! ✍🏾

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