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What is infertility?

A couple is considered infertile when pregnancy has not occurred after one year of coitus without contraception. Infertility is classified as being either primary or secondary. The free medical dictionary by farlex defines infertility:

Infertility is the failure of a couple to conceive a pregnancy after trying to do so for at least one full year. In primary infertility, pregnancy has never occurred. In secondary infertility, one or both members of the couple have previously conceived, but are unable to conceive again after a full year of trying (1).

Who is affected by infertility? There are many potential causes of both male and female infertility.

Approximately 15% of couples are infertile. Of this 15%, male infertility accounts for approximately 20% of the cases. Female infertility accounts for up to 70% of these cases, largely due to the very complex processes involved in the female reproductive system (2).

In modern society, many couples delay childbearing until they are in their thirties or later. Because of this delay:

Infertility affects at least 20-25% of couples who are of reproductive age. This means that at least one in five of the couples you know will be affected by some degree of infertility! A sobering thought but fortunately many of these couples can benefit from help. Statistics vary but it would seem that around 30% of men are sub-fertile and at least 2% of men are totally infertile (3).

Eastern medicine helps to re-harmonize the body to its optimal natural balanced state conductive to natural pregnancy. Guiding Needle Acupuncture delivers: acupuncture, fire cupping, auricular therapy, nutritional therapy and lifestyle support which are especially appropriate for over 40 couples as they stimulate overall health to effect reproductive vitality and help to reduce biological age.  

Infertility concerns such as habitual miscarriage, irregular periods, amenorrhea, endometriosis, obstructed fallopian tubes, hormonal imbalances, pre menstrual syndrome and others yield to traditional Chinese medicine and complimenting techniques. These total body wellness approaches promote the unlimited potential in self-healing. Since acupuncture modulates the nervous system, and the nervous system controls and coordinates every function of the body.

For the infertile couple, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine techniques stimulate the flow of blood circulation in the body promoting healthy organ function which assists in regulating the menstrual cycle, removes interference and serves to support total body wellness.

Licensed acupuncturist, Randine Lewis writes:

If you too have been told you are infertile, I have one message for you: There is no such thing as infertility; it is a myth! Rarely have I met a woman of childbearing age with all her reproductive organs intact who isn’t capable of bearing children. As long as the anatomical structures are present, a medical diagnosis of “infertility” is often a fallacy (4). I have found that most hormonal imbalances (which contribute to 40 percent of documented cases of infertility, yet are considered untreatable by conventional Western medicine) respond to Eastern methods of treatment (5).

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits include: observing the whole person; considering the total health picture of integral body, mind, spirit synthesis. This medicine comprehends that all life is one interconnected and orchestrated system, therefore it takes all life into consideration to produce harmonious results. It focuses on stimulating the bodies own natural healing potential; treating root causes of disease rather than just the symptoms of disease. It also minimizes undesirable side effects and accumulated toxicity from invasive procedures and drug therapies. Eastern medicine assists in balancing and strengthening wellness so that assisted reproductive technology procedures such as in vitro fertilization are even more effective.

This whole body wellness balance encourages achieving hormonal balance, natural pregnancy, emotional clarity, and postpartum recuperation. TCM health care compliments Western medical techniques; the integration of modern procedures with ancient acupuncture and complimenting procedures nourish healthy pregnancy and healthy babies delivered at full term.

Thomas Nerbas welcomes you to directly experience Eastern medicine which stimulates your body’s own neurology to produce and respond to its own blood circulation, endorphins, hormones, organs, energy systems, restoring its own natural balance and fertility wellness.


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