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Dueling Tellers

Two writers. One home. You don’t see it, do you? Opinions vary. Things begin to bump into each other. Praise comes in in two different directions. Questions begin to arise. Then a little sass talk. Sass talk becomes trash talk.

Trash talk can simply not be allowed.

When it rises up, it must be tamped down, pushed down, stomped down, smacked down. Which one would you ask for? When trash talk starts being thrown around about a writer’s work and they have to look at each other across the table. One’s cooking for the other. One’s bringing coffee for the other. How do you tolerate this? How do you live with that writer? Everything’s fine until the release of Song of the Leviathan by Rebekah Teller. And her work is out in the world. Then one of the writers of the house gets a little strut. Trash talk begins to rise. And eventually, eventually, the question has to be answered. Can you trust the kids? You can’t trust the kids. They’re biased from a life of being comforted by their mother and instructed by their father. Lean in one direction you lean away from the other. So in good conscience, we couldn’t bring this question to our kids. So it just hovers around us, a fog, a haze, and the question becomes, who’s the better writer? Does it need to be answered? I don’t know. You can be the judge of that. Scroll back and read everything I’ve written so far. Close your eyes and picture the sly smile, the small chuckle.

Tamp. Push. Stomp. Smack.

So we find ourselves at the end of my season on my YouTube channel, Voices from the Unreal World. And the question has to be answered. We lay it out in front of you as we stand face to face, 20 paces away, a revolver full of work, a chapter in each one of my chambers, a poem in each one of hers. Can you hear the whistle? Can you see the tumbleweeds? People ducked behind clapboard houses. The toll of the bell marking high noon. Well today at high noon the climax, or finale if you want to pick a side already, of my season was released. Teller against Teller. One slinging work at the other. And the question will be answered by you, the viewer. So tune in and watch a loving couple fire shot after shot at the other, and you pick a winner. I present to you at noon today, August 13, the video Dueling Tellers. And you can watch from behind clapboard walls, peering through blurry windows, as the gunslinger of poetry faces the bounty hunter of dark fantasy.

Flowing in the Trenches, Book 2

The pre-order is up. Go and buy it. Walk in, slap your money down on the counter, and pay for the sequel of Song of the Leviathan is a behemoth at over 100 pages long. It’s called The Opera of Peace, the second statement of a rising poet. The second step towards a destiny that has waited for so long.

The Silent War of the Sour Eye

Download this free ebook available exclusively through my newsletter. This short story collection includes "The Banshee," "The Slave," "The Gilded Mares," "Son of the Demontser," and the most recent addition, "The Forge of Souls."



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