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Hello! This is THE FIRST EDITION of a weekly selection of ideas, tools and people that I have come across and found interesting. It is written with an intention to inspire and help you grow in business. I hope you will enjoy it!


A. What's on your mind?

If our minds are crowded with words and thoughts, there is no space for us.

Thich Nhat Hanh

B. A book to read if you want to get more quality work done.

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport - this books presents two opposite sides of doing your job – shallow work (such as replying to emails) and deep work (such as developing new ideas). It presents the advantages of the latter and provides strategies to become a more focused deep worker in the times of digital distraction.

What I did immediately after finishing “Deep Work” was adding a new column - named “delivery” - to my daily agenda next to the one called “plan”. I keep filling that second column with notes on what I actually did in a certain hour. This plan/delivery method helps me realize when my mind wanders off. Tracking time brings more focus to my day and empowers me to eliminate meaningless activities.

C. A strategy that helped me read more books.

If it comes difficult to you to find the time and motivation to read books, look for a solution in my recent blog post: “Reading in times of distraction”. I've described certain strategies which helped me while I was struggling to read even as few as 10 books a year!

I believe that books are the most accessible and affordable way to interact with great minds - make sure you read and get inspired to discover new paths every single day.


That's it for this weekend. Let me know what you enjoyed most (A, B or C) and what would you find more interesting. Just reply to this email.

Have a great weekend!


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