On making friends, Gen Z trends, taking control of your calendar & unplugging from your feeds
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Making Friends As An Adult

Hi everyone!

It has been yet another wild 7 days, so let me try to bring some sunshine to your inbox.

This week, I'm sharing some articles about making friends, Gen Z trends, and have a special offer for BrainPint readers that will help you unplug from feeds & save hours every week. 

Speaking of friends, I'm incredibly thrilled that my friend KP has been offered his dream job. He shows us that you can create your own luck by building in public. KP invested belief capital in me from the start and I'm grateful.

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Making Friends

Building An Influential Network Of Friends
I summarized 9 tips from Noah Kagan. Watch original video here. Top picks:

  • Ask your friends for referrals - Ask your friends to introduce you to an interesting person and be specific about your ask)
  • Reach out to up and comers - If you're successful in what you do and spot young, new talent, reach out to them and help them grow
  • Add value without expectation - Use your talent to help improve others' workflows or support them where you can shine

How To Make Friends As An Adult
You'd be surprised how many people are open to connect if you take the initiative.

"To turn an acquaintance into a friend, start practising vulnerability....ask the other person questions to get them to share about themselves."

Writing Is Networking For Introverts - Piece by Byrne Hobart on how writing connects like-minded people

🗣️ Places To Meet Cool People

  • Cuppa - 1-1 virtual coffees ☕️ with top tech talent sourced from Twitter
  • Lunchclub - Curated 1:1 professional connections, driven by AI
  • Meet Cafecito - Meet international creative entrepreneurs and employees working with tech
  • BrainPint Community Match - Manual matches by yours truly!
    Interesting Reads

    2020 Gen Z Trends Report

    Get a deep dive into Gen Z (born between 1995-2010) trends and shifts in the last 12 months. It's a fun, insightful look into the vocal, video-first generation that grew up online. The 116-page report highlights up & coming startups that are well-positioned to serve Gen Z.

      25 Ways To Be More Creative
      Creativity is a skill that can be improved with practice. You don't lack imagination, you just need to unlock it. Generate ideas. Fuse ideas. Engage with people who are different from you. (h/t Marie)

      Six Spokes Theory - Strategy For An Optimal Life

        Imagine your life as a wheel and ensure that you don't neglect any spoke. Don't overindex on a single area; all spokes are equally important.


        How To Take Control Of Your Calendar
        Your time is precious. Shape your calendar to get more meaningful work done. Here's a three-step guide to regain control of the time you spend in meetings:

        • Identify what is critical
        • Improve quality
        • Edit frequency / duration
          BrainPint Special
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          Mailbrew is a service to follow your favorite websites, creators and writers—and unplug from feeds. It gathers content from a range of sources (RSS, Twitter, Emails, Readwise etc) and delivers it to you daily/weekly at a time of your choice. It's a massive time saver & game changer for my curation workflow.

          I decided to check Mailbrew out when they added a "Read Later" feature. Two weeks in, I love it so much that I asked the founders for a discount for BrainPint readers.

          Try it out
          - it has a free, no-credit card trial. After that, you get a 20% discount for a year (and support BrainPint - affiliate disclosure!)

          Resources & Tools
          BGJar Promo Image


          Free SVG Background Generator for your websites & projects. Nice range with robust customization features.

          Spark Joy - Design Tools & Tips - A loaded repository of design tools & tips for devs (& non-devs) by BrainPint reader swyx. The fact that this collection is free is almost criminal. You can get illustrations, sounds, access to generators, fonts and more.

          Daily.so - Connect with your friends & communities asynchronously using 30 second video check-ins. This project by BrainPint reader Kieran clinched 2nd place in Makerpad's T30 challenge. Do reach out to him if you're keen to try.


            SpringUp Stories - A weekday newsletter with the latest insights from makers, no-coders and the passion economy. Realise the power you have to take action and make something great!

              Take A Brain Break

              The History Of Animation
              Beautiful timeline which brings us through the history of animation from BC to the current day. References classics like Disney, The Simpsons, Toy Story and more.
              Like Numbers? We Got You
              Fun daily statistics on this site. On Saturday, I learned that 7 million census takers are going to be deployed in China starting November to get an accurate count of 1.3 billion citizens.

                Quote Of The Week

                “People are most important in my life. Many travelers go to see things like the Tower of London, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and so on. I travel to see friends, even — or especially — those I’ve never met”
                — Jim Haynes

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