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Hello Everyone,

Fall means that it’s apple season where I live, which means apple crisp, apple muffins, baked apples and lots and lots of applesauce. When I was doing research for one of the Magical Cats books I learned that one of my favorite apples, Honeycrisp, was developed at the University of Minnesota.

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Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered A Case of Cat and Mouse, the 12th Magical Cats mystery. If you’ve read the book please consider leaving a review. Not only do reviews encourage other readers to try a book, they also show booksellers that this is an author their customers enjoy. Click here to read an excerpt.

I’ve heard from quite a few readers who are concerned that I “forgot” to explain who is behind the pranks in the library gazebo. (Note, this is not a spoiler.) I promise I didn’t forget. The answer to that is coming but not for two more books. (Go ahead and groan with frustration.) Time in the books passes much more slowly than it does in real life. (Yes, I should have remembered that!)

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The 8th Second Chance Cat mystery, Undercover Kitty is coming on January 26th. Sarah, Elvis and the Angels are back. This time Elvis is going undercover on the cat show circuit. Click here to read an excerpt

What am I Doing?


Flip Flops and Murder by H. Y. Hanna

This is the first book in a new series from the author of the Oxford tearoom mysteries. It was a light, fun read but Muesli and the Old Biddies from the tearoom mysteries are still my favorite.

Fish Out of Water

This is the fourth book in the Guppy anthology series. If you enjoy short stories this is a great way to discover some very talented, up-and-coming writers.


WKRP in Cincinnati

I’ve probably seen every episode of this show at least five or six times. Yes. I can quote lines from the show and I’m pretty good at WKRP trivia. One of the reasons I like the show so much is that before I became a full-time writer I worked in radio. 

Was I:
A. a copywriter?
B. a TV columnist?
C. a consumer reporter?
D. a late-night disk jockey?

Scroll down to the end of the newsletter for the answer.

What’s coming from my writing friends:

Murder in the Margins is the first book in the new Open Book mysteries from Margaret Loudon aka Peg Cochran. An English village, a bookstore, and a cat—how could I not like this new series?

Taken Too Soon
by Edith Maxwell brings back Quaker midwife Rose Carroll for her sixth book. Even if you’re not a big fan of historical mysteries, Maxwell’s skill as a writer will pull you in.

The Solace of Bay Leaves
is the fifth book in the Spice Shop mysteries from Leslie Budewitz. You could start with this book but the entire series is terrific.


Each month, two of our newsletter subscribers win a book from Sofie Kelly or Sofie Ryan. Stay subscribed, keep an eye on your email and not only could you win one of my books, sometimes you’ll get the chance to win a book written by one of my friends. 

Congratulations to September winners Stacy J. and Penny W. who each won a copy of A Case of Cat and Mouse. October’s winners are tammv1108 who wins a copy of Claw Enforcement and slocicero who receives a copy Murder in G Major by Alexia Gordon. 

And because it’s been too long since we did my husband’s favorite giveaway, One plus One is back! 

You could win a book for yourself and one for someone you’d like to surprise. Entering is simple. Send us an email at by noon Eastern time on November 2nd and tell us who you’d share a book with. It could be your best friend, your mom or your favorite cashier at the grocery store. We’ll pick six winners and send you one Sofie Kelly book and one Sofie Ryan book. Give a book to the person you want to surprise and keep one for yourself. 

We’ll fire up the random number generator, pick the winners by noon on November 3rd, and be in touch by email. We’ll also share the winners’ names in our next newsletter. Good luck!

So you know I once worked in radio. What did I do? Was I:

A. a copywriter?
B. a TV columnist?
C. a consumer reporter?
D. a late-night disk jockey?

That’s a bit of a trick question. The answer is at various times I did all four jobs but my favorite was the last one. There are a lot of fascinating people up in the middle of the night.

Thanks for reading!

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