2018 is the Year for Kid Entrepreneurship

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Birmingham Club excited to get started again in February after a successful taster session on Saturday! Thank you to all the parents and kids that joined us :)


Please support Asia, a 13-year old young entrepreneur in raising £800 to share her passion by starting to create her own Beauty Line. Click image for page.

Kids Business Fair in 1 Month!

This ULTRA popular annual event showcasing our entrepreneurial kids and young people, selling their products and services. BOOK A STALL, FEW TABLES LEFT! Please contact us at: info@ultra.education

NEW Ultra Club!

Workshops in Wood Green will take place every Saturday 10pm to 12pm, starting from the 17th February to 24th March. Click image for page.

We run 5 TERMS over the year, each term is 6 WEEKS in length.. Children and teens are taught how they can turn their passion into a business and make money from it.

LaQuarn starts Childpreneur TV!

LáQuarn, 12 year old (Get ready for it....) Fashion Designer, Author, Model, Sibling Empowerment Coach and CEO of LáQuarn, The Sibling Tribe & Childpreneur TV!

We can't wait to see the first episode of Childrpreneur TV, great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to collaborate.

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