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join me for a cup of tea and some smiles?

let's take a break together!

hey, you guys! i'm writing this days before i intend to send it out. and that's actually a bold move these days!  the way the world is right now, i have absolutely NO idea what will be happening on actual delivery day here. but! one thing i know - no matter what, taking a break together, deep breathing, and smiling can only add goodness. no matter what's goin' on. so let's just take a break. want to?

there's so much to share!

* first of all - a serious note. even tho the image above is silly -
sometimes silly needs to be mixed into serious -

i know it's a hard year.
BELIEVE ME i really do know that! 
every single one of us knows that. 
and i know this thanksgiving is going to hold new challenges. 
but we can do this. let's focus on the gratitude now more than ever. for all the little things. for all the glories of outside. for each other. there's a lot for us to hang on to. let's hang on tight! where we focus is going to make a big difference.

* don't forget our ecards! we've got lots of 'em. and we've got a whole section just for thanksgiving.  send as many as you like, they're free!

* in case you didn't know, i have an etsy shop as well as the website. there's not as much in the shop, but it's the place where i pop originals and where i do sales as we go along. a sale just started over there! i can't remember how long it goes for - but at least thru the week.  come on by and take a peek.

* i wanted to let you know that i'll be sending my own e-card out on thanksgiving day. i'll be grabbing the newsletter list and the quote of the day list and sending them to everyone on those. i know it might double up on you. i don't mean to irritate you! my intention is to be with you a little bit that day. so bear with me. and feel the love...

have you seen our latest print?!
hold a candle
click for print
and NOW on watercolor paper! your favorite print and mine!
broken open

my son, noah, created this lovely piece of art years ago. so many of you have enjoyed it thru the years. it's finally here on watercolor paper! it's absolutely beautiful.  been wanting to own one of noah's works? well this one's right here on the site! come on by and check it out!

broken open
holiday greeting card news!
the holy. the glory. the now.
all holiday cards

this is our latest addition to the holiday cards! it was born on a day where - for at least a blink - i understood that the present moment held it all for us - the holy and the glory. i wanted to be sure to add that to the card line! 
all of our holiday cards now are available individually. almost all of them (including this one are 4 x 5.5'. there are three that are 5x7. just want to let you know so that you're aware of that if you order.  there's no real reason for that other than these things happen. 

have i got an app for you!

have you guys heard of "Daily Haloha"???
WELL, you are in for a TREAT!
i have to be honest with you, i don't use apps very often.
but every single time i use this one, it makes a difference to me. it always makes me feel better! it definitely makes me feel more connected to the world. that's all i'll tell you. you need to go check it out for yourself! it's free, it's unifying, and it's fun!
you can find it here. 
and they're on instagram! their posts are inspiring and uplifting. you definitely want them popping up there for you

sharing my guys with you!
uplifting all around!

i didn't know exactly how to share these. you'll need to bear with me here. all of them are worth checking out! we start with the inspirational. it's a short vid of some of noah's photography mixed to music. if you're having trouble getting into the gratitude spirit, this should nudge you along. it's breathtaking. for me, it feels like a prayer. 

the next two are just silly fun. to make you laugh, shake your heads and just remember silliness. these are creations of my sons, noah and zakk.  i thought it was a good time to share some fun!

click on the buttons to get to the vids!.

need a work out?
too much isolation?
speaking of smiles!

we've updated the bone sigh arts home page for the holidays! hopefully it will just make you smile to stop by and see the silly drawings. we're leaping into the festivities and trying to brighten spirits at every turn! come on by and take a peek!

the homepage!

thanks for hanging out with me a bit. it always feels good to check in and try to connect a little. i'll be thinking of everyone this week, and will do a lot of pausing and just wishing peace all over the darn place. over and over again. take good care. and be gentle with yourself as we go along. sending you love -

wishing you peace card
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