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Julemuary the 678th: Weather, like time, has decided to hell with all reason, it's going to be a turn-on-the-heat week, with a sudden transition this weekend to peel-me-off-the-couch temperatures.

BOOK NEWS!: Next week is the start of Savage Craving, featuring one mysterious lion brother. His mission, should he choose to accept, will be keeping one woman safe despite her unnatural ability to trip headfirst into danger. And oh yeah, she hates shifters. Piece of cake! 

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Filthy Beast (Junkyard Shifters Book 1)

Do you have a misbehaving, violent, or otherwise problematic shapeshifter in your pack?
Send them to the Junkyard, dumping ground and magical holding pen for unwanted shifters.

Cougar shifter Lena has one goal, and one goal only: to stay out of reach of the vicious alpha of her pride. If that means being exiled to the Junkyard, then so be it.

Carter, a grizzly shifter, let his rage take the reins after his brother's death. His clan alpha can't control him and he refuses to change, so into the Junkyard he goes. When Carter meets Lena, though, his protector instincts kick into high gear...especially when the other shifters in the Junkyard seem intent on harming her.

What happens when Beauty meets Brawler?

He has to be gentle to prove his love...but he has to be violent to save her.

Filthy Beast is the first book in the Junkyard Shifters series. It features a dirty-talking hero, a smart heroine, and all kinds of hijinks and trashy romance. Take the "guilty" out of "guilty pleasure" and buy your copy today!

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Wild Panther (Full Moon Protectors Book 4)

A hot panther-shifter, a dragon-shifting powerhouse, and a corrupt daemon.

What could they possibly want from me?

“Everything that I dreamt of in my wildest fantasies… and more”

I was an average light Fae, atleast that’s what I thought. When they tested my blood, my whole world changed...
My dream school turned into my worst enemy.

They have my family and will kill them if I don’t do exactly as they say.

I am sent to the Dark lands, full of dangerous creatures and sneaky tricksters just waiting to take advantage.

To make things worse, I need to deal with a sexy panther-shifter, a hot dragon-shifting teacher, who wants to get to know me inside out, and a ruthless demon, who will stop at nothing to make my life miserable.

How will a weak-blooded fae like me survive?

Fae’s Academy is a full-length reverse-harem with super steamy love scenes, great romance and NO CLIFFHANGERS! It has light bully themes and is meant for 18+ audience.


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