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Industry without art is brutality

Shall we stay in prison?

Laziness, ignorance, fear or Stockholm syndrome? One thing always puzzles me, that's why people indulge in their habits. Very few people today are in their proper place, and we even come to say that it is normal to have a stupid job where our abilities or talents are not necessary and that if there is art, then it must be done during "leisure".

Anyone is supposed to be able to occupy any position. Those with a particular talent censor themselves, practicing it in their leisure time (originally "what is allowed") or even wait for their "retirement" to devote themselves to it.

Many, if not the majority, do not even know what talent they have, since their childhood they have been bashed into having to earn money to be useful to society. Where we should first be concerned about developing our own talents to be useful to society and use them to "earn a living". Thus, how many lives are lost?

The problem is for everyone to find what is oneĀ“s own talent. The spirit has already shown it, but it has not been heard or listened to.

In fact, mainly because people have no idea of spirit linking everything, and follow the hypnosis that keeps them in their prison.

In this prison, there are two kinds of people, those who work, deemed "normal", and the artists, who have the right - even the obligation - to be "ab-normal". The modern artist is an individual who "expresses himself", and it has become necessary to write books about each individually because as everyone uses an individual language, everyone needs a particular explanation.

Each artist is presented as a model, sometimes called "genius", and his works are judged good or bad according to their pleasant nature or the amount of money made, ie the values of a certain milieu, and their meaning has almost no other interest except perhaps to make fun of it. Artistic studies are limited to discovering the relationships between different individuals, and often a biography replaces any explanation.

If finally by "luck" or because Providence has done so, talent is discovered, it will have to rise, and "make a living".

The method begins by realizing that this world is a prison and saying "no! ".

"Every man is an artist of a particular kind"

Architect, plumber, cook, surgeon, musician, painter, dancer ...

Ideally, the artist tries to improve upon nature. Does nature produce useless things?
In any case, it is capable of surprising adaptations to the useless productions of humanity. Evidence from this 2015 study: in some US cities where smoking is banned, even in the street, there is an increase in infectious mortality among sparrows. Their nests are now overwhelmed with insects and mites that are multiplying. The study shows that sparrows collected butts to clean their habitat, nicotine being an excellent insecticide.

I finish with some unknown artists. Bradley Lehman discovered that what musicologists have regarded for 300 years as mere decoration was in fact a representation of the tuning used for the harpsichord by JS Bach in his publication of The Well-Tempered Clavier (the picture above).

You can find several videos demonstrations on the internet, but I give you this one made and adapted for guitar by a Turkish musician at the University of Bristol. You can listen to, compare and discover this unknown temperament. In this piece, it emphasizes the middle melody (the 3rd note of the arpeggio) and gives it back its transcendent character.

question of temperament
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Gilles Zimmermann

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