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AWS : Solution Architect 70 Questions Updated (Added or replaced)

AWS SA Exam : 70 New Questions have been added and Outdated Questions have been removed. You can ask for the updates. Make sure you use the same email chain, which you are communicating with the HadoopExam

As we are always helping our learners to get more from HadoopExam . We are launching long awaited training of AWS Solution Architect. We have currently launched 24 Modules which clear your concepts about AWS services. As well as important concepts you need to learn from with respect to AWS certification. As you know, AWS certifications asks questions based on scenarios hence, it is very critical to understand underlying concepts how , when , where to use this services. Many services seems similar and you get confused , where to use that particular service. This training is not only going to help you in certification, but very very useful , if you are building your career in AWS Cloud Computing (A most demanding Cloud Solutions). So start learning AWS from HadoopExam premium training.

AWS Solutions Architect : Associate Training

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