Truth & Consequence

Written and drawn by Nathan Hanley

Cover art by Brad Cohen

130 pages
Published 2020 by Mirror Image Ent.

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The hand-made comic.

I think everyone has known a kid in high school or grade school who had a hand-made comic. You know, the kind done in ball point pen and maybe in a lined paper notebook. What typified these comics were their raw naturalistic style, done in an untutored innocent way. What perhaps they lacked in artistic virtuoso they made up for in raw desire: channeling the need to show characters doing something on paper they'd like to experience for themselves.

Getting even.

Nathan's style is that way. Very direct, very untutored. His story, like J. O'Barr's The Crow or Lapham's Lodger is one of getting even.

Marty, the main character, suffers the death of his girlfriend, gunned down right in front of him by some mean thugs. Marty survives the violence with just one bullet wound in his head. Recovering in the hospital, Marty discovers the injury has lead to a super power in him: he can see the truth about people, their sordid past, their tragedies, the stuff they'd like to keep hidden. All he has to do is look them in the eye.

Just do it.

There's a lot of slick and polished comic books out there, with a level of sophistication that's generally out of reach of most people. Truth & Consequence offers a reader a story that shows an artist working their way through it using a very approachable and basic style. Like being able to play a simple song on the guitar after learning three chords. T & C shows that it can be done!

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