March 2018 - Famous Kate, Graphing Functions & Swivl Comparison

MARCH 2018

Hi Friends, 

If you're anything like us, the March weather has you chomping at the bit to get outside! It also has our customers evaluating new technologies for the next school year. What things are attracting the most attention? Interactive flat panels are definitely attracting a lot of interest; prices are coming down and more and more schools are trying to get away from projector maintenance and upkeep. In addition, the Labdisc portable STEM lab has drawn a lot of interest as educators see how easy it becomes to gather authentic, relevant data for inquiry-based learning.    

Dustin's been on the road more than he's been home this last month, toting a car full of technologies around Kansas and Nebraska! That 65" demo flat panel really fills up a car quickly! Don't forget that we still have our free Try-and-Buy for Boxlight ProColor flat panels going on, and we'd be glad to bring any of our flat panel models to your school to play with and compare.

In fact, we just dropped off a 75" Try-and-Buy Boxlight ProColor interactive flat panel this morning to a very excited Kate Baker at Silver Lake Public Schools!

In the last week, we had a great time touching base with old and new customers at two different Kansas education conferences. It's been fun to hear of the changes and growth that districts are seeing, and we are excited to be a part of it. Let us know how we can help as you plan technology purchases for next year. We thrive on helping you find solutions that make teaching and learning easier, more effective, more efficient and more FUN! 

                                                                                     --The ET Team  


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