Raising the imaginary stakes just makes the work more difficult. Volume 6 issue 6.14, 2017

Master Class in Facilitation

Why? The world we live and work in, is increasingly interconnected. This in turn makes it more complex: instead of a predictable cause and effect, complexity means that the relationship between cause and effect is not clear or predictable. Instead there are feedback loops where cause and effect mutually affect each other. Leading in this complexity requires new skills, and facilitation is undoubtably a critical resource in the mix. 

What? My friend and facilitator extraordinaire Daniel Stillman and I will teach a 2-day Master Class in facilitation in NYC on October 14-15th. We will each prepare a lot of tools, exercises and ideas and then take turns running modules. It's going to be like a dance. The course fee is $1000/person. Several (very very awesome) people have already signed up, and there are plenty more seats available. 

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