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A Massive Vegan Hello To All You Lovely People This September.

The dark nights are starting to creep in and our beautiful warm summer is gradually receding behind us.
There is no need to despair however, because there are lots of things to look forward to in the weeks ahead and also buckets of interesting information to share with you in this months newsletter.

Great news for all you chocolate lovers out there, we have a special 3 Valley Vegan discount to get £5 off your first Vegan Chocolate Club box.
See below how to take advantage of this offer.

If anyone would like to volunteer on any of our projects or need any help in transitioning to vaganism, or who just have any questions then please get in touch.

As always we would love to hear from you 🙂



The Chai Cooking App

The Chai Cooking App is is a new movement, which aims to enhance the grocery shopping experience by focusing on a reduction of food waste through suggesting related recipe content.

The aim is to create a community built on social rewards and helping to reduce those 12 billion animals wasted needlessly every year through household waste.
Just a 1% reduction would be a massive contribution to the number of lives saved!
For this campaign to be effective and ensure the most dramatic impact in terms of saving animals via reducing food waste, and its contribution to global warming, the Chai App need to recruit people and for them to then recruit others and so on and so on…. that is how they aim to create a real campaign that makes a huge difference with minimal effort!

For more information and to get involved please click on the link below.

Chai Cooking App - More Information
Did You Know?

Did you know that we can actually grow vegetables from many of our off cuts and scraps which we absently cast aside into the rubbish?

By re-growing new vegetables and other edible plants from the pieces that we normally discard, we not only save money, but we can also reduce our food waste.
In addition we also have a handy supply of potentially organically grown produce at our fingertips!


Regrow Your Scraps - Article by Food Revolution Network
Growing New Food From Scraps

Short video presentation to show how easy it is to grow new vegetables from kitchen scraps.

Up Coming 3 Valley Vegan "Get Together" - Mobius Loop

Mobius Loop Gig

We are having a social gathering on the evening of Friday, 5th October at the deaf Institute in Manchester.

So why don't you join us for an evening of music and merriness to see the vegan gypsy folk band Mobius Loop as they launch their new album "Gemini".

Book your tickets by following the link below.
If you require any more information regarding the evening then please get in touch.


Book Tickets
The Egg Industry

Eggs are not considered to be vegan due to the heartbreaking way they are produced, the high levels of cruelty involved at all stages and the torturous lives that the hens have to endure.

World Egg Day is next month on October 13th.
So whilst many people are celebrating this popular food and over used ingredient, others can use the date as a perfect opportunity for reflection and to spread the word on how this industry actually operates.

There is so much information concerning this industry that is kept secret behind closed doors and away from the knowledge of the wider public.
There are many questions that do not even occur to most people.

What is the different between classes of eggs and what do the labels actually mean? How can so many eggs be produced in such massive quantities?
How is this possible and how is it achieved?
Why are there so many female hens and seemingly not many cockerels?

  • Male chicks are by-products as they cannot produce eggs and so they are killed at birth.
    This is achieved by electrocution, having their spines snapped or asphyxiation by carbon dioxide.
    However many of these methods are by-passed and chicks can be thrown into grinders whilst still alive.
  • Hens have been manipulated over the generations so that they can now produce up to 250 eggs a year.
    Hens in the wild, before the years of mass factory farming, naturally produced only 10-15 eggs annually.
    This incredibly inflated number of eggs is a strain on their bodies and can cause pain, disease and premature death..
  • When a hen can no longer lay to the requirements of the farmers, they are slaughtered.
  • Eggs labelled as Free Range are very misleading. And often the living conditions are rarely much better than caged eggs.
"Chickens Raised for Eggs" Article by Food Is Power
Egg Production In Animation.

A short animated video which shows the process of how eggs are mass produced for human demand.

Special 3 Valley Vegan Discount at the Vegan Chocolate Shop

The Vegan Chocolate Club has recently been launched and it promises to serve it's members the very best award winning chocolate on a monthly bases.
The boxes, which will be delivered out will contain a variety of at least 5 chocolate bars which are of course vegan, but are  also 100% organic.
Better for the animals, better tasting, better for our health, better for the environment...….better all round! 
So less of the naughty but more of the nice! 

As the chocolate is selected by the Chocolate Club on behalf of their members, there is an added  mystery to the parcels.
It is a great way of being introduced to new brands and trying  new flavours. Also the total price works out less than buying the bars individually.
It feels like this could be an exciting way to indulge in chocolate delights, whilst saving a few pennies at the same time.

As a special offer to our 3 Valley Vegan members, the Vegan Chocolate Shop has very kindly offered a £5 discount off the first box purchased through the Vegan Chocolate Club.
Simply follow the link below and at the checkout enter the code: 3VV5

The Vegan Chocolate Club Website
Incredible Festival of Ideas banner
Badger Protection Training

A fantastic opportunity to get more knowledge of our fascinating friends of the striped variety!
And a great way to get involved in the local badger group.

On the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of September the group have a special guest who will be offering training to people who are interested in the rescuing and rehabilitation of badgers.

Please click the link below for more information and to sign up to the event.

Badger Training - Sign Up and More Information
Video Message by The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society have produced this short video aimed at environmentalists to urge them to consider and recognize the meat and dairy industry as being one of the most significant environmental disasters of our time.

The video presents what an incredible and positive impact on  climate change that people can make by becoming vegan.

Our stall at the Blackshaw Head Fete last month.

August was the month when we returned with our stall, up the hill overlooking the valley, to the annual Blackshaw Head Fete.

Again it was a lovely day where we gave out lots of information, sold plenty of delicious home made food and we were on hand to answer any questions.

More photos from the Fete
Keep In Contact

We would like to remind you that 3 Valley Vegans have a Facebook page, a Facebook group and our own website.
The links to each of these can be found at the bottom of this article...

Our Facebook page is open to the public and is updated with lots of  events both local and national, interviews, videos, information, news and tips from the wider vegan community.
To like or follow this page click on the "Facebook Page" link below.

The Facebook group is a closed group and is a good place to air and vent any local vegan issues.
Information relating to local shopping and/or eating out can be posted by members of this group and also if any businesses in the local area would like to promote any vegan products or offers then this is the group to use.
If you would like to join then please use the "Facebook Group" link below.

On our website you will find local eating guides, recipes, up coming and past events, blogs and lots of vegan articles.
What our group is all about is detailed on this side and our location and contact details.
Please visit our recently updated website by clicking on the "Website" link below.


Facebook Page (public group)
Facebook Group (closed group)
Map of Calderdale
UPDATED! Local eating and shopping guides

Eating out and shopping can be tricky when you're vegan, especially when just starting out. To make things a little easier, we have compiled a list of vegan-friendly eateries and shops in Calderdale:

View our Guide to Eating Out in Calderdale

View our Vegan Friendly Calderdale Shopping Guide

Have we missed anything off these lists? Please send your suggestions to tech@3valleyvegns.org.uk 


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