Platforms are cutting you off from your choices- we're working on a solution.

Happy New Year!  But not everything has been happy...

Details in our blog

Payment processors have already shut down the latest alternative, SubscribeStar.  This may just be the beginning.  Soon the only entertainment you'll be permitted to support will be stuff that flatters the taste of unaccountable financial corporations.

Unless we have something to say about it.

Vivid is launching a new alternative that uses cryptocurrency.  More details to come, but for now- if you want to participate, get yourself a crypto wallet.


We're not talking investing- just a new path, where your $5 can actually reach the person you want.  And you can get loads of glittering art in return.

A lot of people like backing us on Patreon, and we'll continue sharing there.  And for those who wanted a different alternative- well those alternatives keep getting shut down, but get yourself some crypto, and then nobody can shut you down.

2019 looks to be opening new horizons!  

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