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I have been teaching golf for more than 25 years.  I have the experience and the knowledge of the proper fundamentals to play this great game. I can spot the good players from the not so good players within minutes of looking at them. The way they set up in order to swing the golf ball tells me a lot.

In my opinion, I truly believe that the set up is one of the most important key fundamental in order to become a great player. If your set up is different every time you hit the golf ball, the direction and distance of your ball will also be affected. 

Golf is a target game. Some players can hit the ball 300 yards. If they hit the ball too far to the right or too far to the left of the target every time, they will never become great golfers.
Please take this lesson very seriously if you want to improve your game. Many players practice every part of the game aside from practicing the set up. Make sure the 5 elements to a good set up is understood and implanted in your mind. Always make sure the 5 elements are good before you start your backswing.

The 5 elements to a good set up:

The set up will help you acquire a better golf swing. Your first golf lesson usually consist of the basics. The first step is learning the basic golf swing which includes mastering the five elements of a good set up. This will help you to create consistency in your swing, as shown in the video above.

The set up:

Many golf professionals and top amateurs often return to the basic fundamentals to acquire a better golf swing which will give them results. Practicing the fundamentals correctly is essential in order to play to your full potential, as shown in the image on your right.


1. Alignment; 
2. Foot position (stance); 
3. Ball position; 
4. Posture; and 
5. The grip.

Let’s define these 5 elements:

As a teacher, I want my students to remember the basics which are the 5 elements to a good set up. Learn and remember the basics. If I ask you what are the 5 elements to a good set up, you should know the answers. After you learn them, it will take seconds to check these elements before making your shot. Learn them, and you will be on your way to playing to your full potential, as shown in the images above.

Get yourself in the perfect golf position before you swing your club. To place yourself in the perfect golf position, you must first understand the 5 elements to a good set up.

1- Alignment:

Alignment is aiming your club and body towards your target. If your alignment is incorrect, the best swing in the world will not get the ball to your target, as shown in the image on your left.

2- Foot position:

Your left foot is slightly turned to your left (open stance) and your right foot is perpendicular to your target line by the club resting on the ground, as shown in the image on your left.

Placing your feet in the right position will promote the following: 

A - Good weight transfer; and

B - Club head speed. 

Having an open stance will also help you to finish your swing in balance. 

3- Ball position:

Where should you place the ball in relation to your feet, as shown in the image on your left?
Please note: The ball position will be explained in more details, in future golf lessons.

4- Posture:

The most neglected aspect of the golf swing is the posture. A good posture will help you to be consistent in making your shots. The golfer needs to develop a repetitive swing in order to obtain consistently desired results. If the golfer can adopt a proper position where the head, spine, hips, legs and arms are always positioned correctly during the swing, he/she will be able to accelerate the learning process. Changing the angle of your back or knees, will create inconsistent results. I will show you how to train your body with educational drills and build a strong posture, which will be explained in more details, in future golf lessons. This will help you get the desired results from your golf swing. Without a good posture, you will have a hard time to obtain a perfect golf swing, as shown in the images above.

5- The grip:

Finally, learning how to place your hands on the club. Where are the pressure points? Does the grip affect the direction of your shots? The grip is the only link from your body to the club. Let’s learn how to place your hands correctly on the club. How tight should we hold the club and why is it important to keep constant pressure during the entire swing?  There are some variations to holding the club, which will be explained in more details in future golf lessons. The golfer can choose the one he/she prefers but from these preferences, similar aspects of holding the club remain the same, as shown in the image above.

Set up drill:

When practicing the set up drill, use a few clubs and place them, as shown in the image on your right. By doing so, you will be able to identify where to place the ball on the ground when using different clubs. Using these clubs will also help you to better align yourself to the target. 


1. As shown in the image above, align club A towards your target. Step back to see if club A is pointing directly at your target.

2. Place your feet perpendicular to the target line.

3. Place club B on the ground, near the toes of both feet, pointing parallel to club A, being your target line. Step back and see if club B is pointing parallel to club AIf club B is pointing parallel to your target line (club A), you are properly aligned, otherwise, make the necessary adjustments.

4. Place club C perpendicular to club B at where the ball should be placed.

If your shots are offline, your first step in correcting the problem is to verify your alignment, as shown in the image above.

The 5 elements to a good set up:

Please remember to look at the 5 elements of the set up below, before making your next shot:

  1. Alignment;
  2. Foot position (stance);
  3. Ball position;
  4. Posture; and
  5. The grip.

I will elaborate in more details on each element in future golf lessons. You can CLICK ON EACH GREEN ELEMENT above for additional information on my website. Learn everyday until it becomes implanted in your mind. 


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