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Let's talk about writing while in self-isolation...

Today was my kids' last day of school for three weeks. My husband, who is in the military, has been ordered into self-isolation (and that includes his family). So except for essential appointments, the four of us are housebound for the next twenty-three days at least. And I have two books to write (one to finish and one to start), plus some marketing work to do for both of them.

I have my work cut out for me, but I know I'm not alone. Many of you are in a similar position, and you might be facing economic or health uncertainty layered on top of the isolation. 

Now is not the time to be mean to yourself. If you are on deadline, like I am, be as gentle as possible about everything else in your life. And if you are not on deadline, let yourself write whatever you want. If writing can be a bit of joy in the next little while, please let it be. Shake off any shoulds and just be whatever kind of writer you want to be.

That might mean you don't write. Not writing is writing. It's pre-writing, it's post-writing: it's quiet writing prep, it's rumination on what you have written.

It might also mean you write something totally off the wall. Writing does not always need to be on brand or even something you are going to try to monetize.

And it might mean that it's the exact opposite, and you spend the next three weeks writing something beautifully commercial, with an eye to publish it in the next three months, and make some extra money by the summer.

To that end, I have a link to my YouTube channel below, where there are two videos that might help you plan to that last point. Or, if you would rather listen to me as you go for a quiet walk up and down the block or around your backyard....


I know, I really buried the lede on this email, but sometimes there are more important things to address first.

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~ Zoe

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