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Hello, my friends.

We had a great trip, but it’s sooo nice to be home. Even though home is socked in with smoke from the terrible lightening-strike fires in northern California and school has started with distance learning, which means my single-mom daughter is juggling a new business while facilitating remote learning for her 8th-grader, a Kindergartener, and a new preschool student. To say this is challenging is an understatement shared by millions of parents, I’m sure.

So, with my revisions and copy edits turned in, and my Valentine book delivered, I’m free to help “homeschool” my granddaughters. The minute we got back, work began on our new schoolroom. My faithful hubby, Paul, restored a vintage desk, with a patent stamp 1925-1928.

Guess how I will be spending my mornings? 😀

Now, as promised, here’s a bit of a travelogue from our journey of 4,999.4 miles!

We left Merced, California, with our awesome travel buddies, Fred and Colleen. We promptly missed a turn-off in Sacramento and had to drive around Watt Avenue for a while, but, hey, we got that out of our system and never got lost again…yeah, right? 😉

We passed through the glorious Sierra on I-80 headed for Winnemucca, NV. The price of gas alone made us giddy.

I took a lot of photos of vistas from my RV window, and I have to say: Northern Nevada rocked my world.

The next day, we passed through the Bonneville Salt Flats on our way to Evanston, Wyoming—one of our favorite RV camps on the whole trip. As you’ll note, I’m also easily amused by road signs and oddities.

Fast-forward through Cheyenne, which was not our favorite KOA of the trip. Located right beside I-80, the truck/traffic noise all night was anything but restful. We chalked that up to experience and headed to an area of the country I’d never visited: the SandHills of Nebraska. Be still my heart. No traffic. Great roads. Beauty in every direction. We all thought the same thing: “This would be a great place to live…in the summer.” LOL

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of the trip—a sunset taken from our campsite in Valentine, Nebraska.

More pics to come next week. No fishing on Lake Poinsett (sob, but a bit of yachting—South Dakota-style. 😉) And wait till you see the BadLands and the Black Hills.

Wish me luck with my “teaching” gig,


PS: I promise to resume my weekly Q&A as soon as I get caught up. 



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