Nothing is more satisfying than the people I meet.

See, my trick in life is to get away from having a job. That’s been my guiding light.

~ Paul McCartney

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Postcard From Barbara

What Would an Entrepreneur Do?

Un-Job Fair

Nine Small Business Facts to Knock Your Socks Off

Field Trip

Postcard From Barbara

Of all the rewards I enjoy in running my own business, one is a stand-out favorite. As much as I adore the creative process, the traveling to new places, the income, and the adventure, nothing is more satisfying than the people I meet. When those people are gathered in a roomful of strangers exploring the same ideas, I always feel at home. 

Whenever I teach a Joyfully Jobless Weekend, there are a few participants who know each other. By the end of the weekend, everyone knows a few more people. Some make connections that will last much longer than the hours of the seminar.

The ones who take away the biggest prizes are those who subscribe to a notion I keep seeing on Facebook. Quite simply, that notion says that everyone you meet knows something that you don’t. It seems to me that anyone who goes out into the world keeping that in mind, is going to continually enrich their own lives by building empowering connections.

Since being self-employed still means being in the minority, having a small tribe of others who are also building their own unique enterprise is essential. Finding those tribe members can be a challenge, but two upcoming events, could change all that. 

If you’d like to join me in either of these locations, but don’t live near Phoenix or Denver, make it a weekend adventure. I can help you find a handy place to stay. 

Take a look:

What Would an Entrepreneur Do?
Moving Forward During Crazy Times
Phoenix, AZ, June 7 & 8
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Un-Job Fair
Denver, CO
June 17
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Nine Small Business Facts to Knock Your Socks Off

This terrific article by small business guru Rhonda Abrams recently appeared in USA Today. You might even want to print it out and keep it to read again and again.

Click here to read.

Field Trip to a Farm That Grows Sponges

I love stories of improbable businesses that surprised everyone with their success. In fact, I keep a folder labeled You Could Never Make a Living Doing That to chronicle these intrepid entrepreneurs. 

My sisters, brother and I are making a trip to see what’s going on at The Luffa Farm in Nipomo, CA. Even without seeing it, I knew it belonged in my folder after reading about this determined entrepreneur. No, I had no idea luffas (or loofahs) could be farmed.

Click here to learn more.

Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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