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It's Day 17!

It's Cardio day and today, I'd like you to do your own cardio endurance!

Your audio today is 13 minutes long and is all about the difference between mouth and stomach hunger as well as finding the cause of your sugar cravings. CLICK HERE and enjoy!

Love Janey x

CLICK HERE to go to the Week 3 page which contains your Day 17 content (password: sugar)

Or CLICK HERE for the Welcome page (password: sugar)

The dangers of sugar

This is YOUR body on sugar...

The hidden signs that sugar is taking over...

Click the image to find out more

Tasty low sugar recipe of the day!

Chicken burgers

These chicken burgers can be made in advance and enjoyed later, perhaps at work. They can be eaten hot or cold, making them great for a busy mid-week lunch.

Click the image for the recipe

Sugar Quiz...

What has a higher sugar content?

a) 100g of boiled sweets

b) 100g of marshmallows

And the answer to yesterday's quiz is...

Malibu has no sugar and a pimms and lemonade has 5tsp in a 250ml can

Again, I'm not advising you drink Malibu just because it's sugar free -but after 3 pimms and lemonade, you'll have consumed a whopping 60 grams of sugar!

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